News about the Samsung Galaxy S7 catching fire is becoming more frequent and could be a  cause for worry for the company.

With repeated incidents of the device emitting smoke, the internet has been flooded with several such cases of late.

The latest incident involving the smartphone catching fire comes close on the heels of a Galaxy S7 billowing smoke inside a car. The owner had a lucky escape.

The victim of the current incident is a North China Conservancy and Hydropower University student, whose Galaxy S7 started emitting smoke while she was sleeping.

Galaxy S7 Spews Fire

The incident occurred on March 4 while the victim was sleeping, when the phone placed on her bed caught fire out of the blue.

According to reports, the device was purchased by the victim's friend on September 2016 and she has been using it for six months. Fortunately, the owner of the device escaped without any injuries, but the bedding was reportedly charred due to the fire.

The owner of the device also posted a picture of the charred Samsung Galaxy S7 on Weibo. The images posted by the user revealed the burnt unit, which suggested that the fire may have happened due to the overheating of the battery. However, whether the phone was being charged or not is yet to come to light.

This is not the first time the Galaxy S7 has been in the news for the wrong reason. On Feb. 23, 27-year-old Shaunique Lamb escaped a major injury, while she was driving. Her Galaxy S7 all of a sudden started emitting smoke. The device was kept in the cup holder of the car. According to Lamb, she was not charging the device and was only listening to some music, which was being played from an app on her device.

In May 2016, Daniel Ramirez filed a lawsuit against the company, when the Galaxy S7 exploded violently causing third-degree burns. A few months later, in September 2016, Weng Briones from the Philippines complained that the device started emitting smoke, for which she got a refund instead of a new device.

What Causes The Problem?

The smartphone may catch fire possibly due to the overheating of the lithium-ion battery. The device becomes unstable which leads to the explosion.

However, with such cases popping up every single day, it is advisable to keep the smartphone away from one's sleeping area during the night. It is also recommended to not keep the smartphone on charge while sleeping.

What Does Samsung Say?

Right after the fatal incident, the Galaxy S7 owner got in touch with Samsung's customer service in China. The company has begun looking into the matter and is reportedly investigating what caused the mishap. A strong possibility exists that Samsung will ask the disgruntled owner, who escaped injury by a whisker, to send in her damaged handset so that it can examine the device.

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