Somewhere in the endless Andromeda galaxy lies our future home. Your job is to find it.

BioWare's latest open-world action role-playing game Mass Effect: Andromeda has released another trailer. The focus this time is about the "golden worlds," the game's parlance for habitable earth-like planets that the Andromeda Initiative is looking for.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is the franchise's fourth title. The game is published by EA and developed by BioWare. The game will launch on March 21 for Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

In Search For The Golden Worlds

The trailer was revealed via Mass Effect's Twitter account. The trailer provides more details about the Andromeda Initiative, humanity's interstellar program designed to scour the infinite vastness of the Andromeda galaxy in search for habitable planets for the 20,000-plus humans in deep sleep.

In the trailer, the narrator reveals the mission to find the "golden worlds." During humanity's 600-year journey onboard spaceships Hyperion and Nexus, they discovered seven potential home planets among Andromeda's 1 trillion stars. They call these planets "Habitats 1-7."

Habitats 1-7: Our Future Homes

The criteria for the viability of a planet must be met. First and foremost, it must have water, air and bearable temperatures to sustain life. Also, it must be rich in minerals to support the colonies and the initiative itself. Like in previous games, minerals will be vital resources. The initiative needs "vast quantities of Helium 3, water, ice, and Element Zero" which are needed to expand the colonies.

These seven habitats are:

Habitat 1 is an arid world with vast networks of underground rivers. Although desert-like, the temperatures are suitable for living. This planet is known as "Elaaden."

Habitat 2 is a moon orbiting a gas giant, which is rich in exotic flora and minerals.

Habitat 3 is a planet full of "lush jungle canopies and rolling hills."

Habitat 4 is a rocky world full of "swells of liquid surface water."

Habitat 5 is another jungle world, perfect for "Turian and Qurian colonists."

Habitat 6 is an ocean world, full of islands and also suitable for life.

Habitat 7, the game's first stop as revealed in previous trailers, has "all the markers of a tropical paradise." As the trailer described, this will be the first destination upon arrival "600 years from now."

Leading the way in determining the suitability of a planet is a team of Pathfinders. They are a group of soldiers, scientists and experts that goes first into the new world to pacify unforeseen threats, ally with the indigenous population, and solve environmental problems. The main protagonists of the game are Sam and Sarah Ryder, both Pathfinders.

For more Mass Effect: Andromeda information, check out the official game site.

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