Barbie might be getting older, but she sure knows how to keep up with each new generation of kids.

In celebration of Barbie's 58th birthday, Mattel launched a new mobile game on Thursday that can be enjoyed by players of all ages.

Developed as a collaboration between Mattel and mobile game maker Genera Games (Gladiator Heroes), Barbie Sparkle Blast combines is a match-3 title with a fashion forward spin.

Similar to other popular match-3 games like Candy Crush, the player is tasked with blasting away gems that dazzle and sparkle. The idea is to line up at least three like gems to remove them from the board. The more gems that can be removed in a combo, more reward the player recieves.

In this title, as the player blasts gems, they earn corns that then unlock different outfits. Yes, this means that players get to dress up Barbie.

Adding a fashion element to the game, Barbie Sparkle Blast allows the player to collect stylish outfits that Barbie can wear. Players can collect shoes, shirts, pants and dresses, mixing and matchingto reflect their own style.

Barbie Sparkle Blast has hundreds of different outfit combinations available, with each piece having a different Power-Up ability. This means how the player dresses their Barbie will affect how they play the game and the various gameplay bonuses that can be won.

More than just being a standard match-3 game, Barbie Sparkle Blast features missions and other unique game modes to make it stand out from the other related titles in the app stores.

Barbie also travels to different places around the world throughout the levels, meeting new friends along the way.

Barbie Sparkle Blast brings Barbie and friends to life on mobile devices in a fun and refreshing way. With impressive graphics, Barbie is super realistic looking, and  has a young, fresh look that will be appealing to a younger generation of players. On the same token, she is still familiar to love who grew up playing with new during their own childhoods.

What's also familiar is the gameplay and mechanics, making it easy to play and master.

Barbie Sparkle Blast is now available to download for free for iOS and Android. 

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