The Google Cloud Platform is ready to expand, welcoming Kaggle to its roster to add what it says is the world's biggest community of machine learning enthusiasts and data scientists.

Kaggle started out back in 2010 and has grown to become a venue for 800,000 data experts to check out the latest data analytics and machine learning updates, analyzing and understanding them for better implementation.

According to Google, Kaggle is perfect for searching and analyzing public data sets, building models for machine learning and gaining more expertise in data science.

Democratizing Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

Google is a firm believer that artificial intelligence and machine learning will play an increasingly bigger role in our lives in the future. The company has already been making notable efforts in this department and created impressive technology that can handle a multitude of tasks from translating languages to playing GO, and it's constantly learning and improving.

"Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly essential role in the enterprise; however, more and more businesses find themselves struggling to keep up," says Google. "One of our most important goals is to make machine learning a transformational tool for organizations of any size, industry, or sophistication."

The company further says that it wants to democratize AI and with this in mind, it has new products, as well as new programs for research and education to ensure that machine learning is accessible to all developers, data scientists, and businesses.

Google Cloud Platform Welcomes Kaggle

Taking another step toward its ambitious endeavors, the Google Cloud Platform has now acquired Kaggle, welcoming its impressive community under its umbrella.

"We must lower the barriers of entry to AI and make it available to the largest community of developers, users, and enterprises, so they can apply it to their own unique needs," Google further explains. "With Kaggle joining the Google Cloud team, we can accelerate this mission."

Google points out that Kaggle allows AI enthusiasts to climb the elite's leaderboards in machine learning, find and analyze a vast trove of high-quality datasets, run code in the cloud, and get community feedback to assess and improve their work.

Google Cloud And Kaggle: What Now?

For those unfamiliar with Kaggle, it's a platform that hosts machine learning and data science competitions and draws together some of the most talented professionals in the field.

With Kaggle under the Google Cloud Platform, how will things work from now on? Well, Google says that it will not dismantle or change the Kaggle team. Kaggle will continue to operate as its own brand within Google Cloud, which means that the service will keep running.

Together, Google Cloud and Kaggle aim to house a thriving community of data scientists and machine learning developers, enabling them to take advantage of the most advanced environment for machine learning.

Google is also diving deeper into the multi-cloud world and the Google Cloud Platform signed a new collaboration with SwiftStack, further expanding its solutions and scope.

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