Lady Gaga's emotional ballad and second single from her latest album Joanne, "Million Reasons," has received a massive increase in radio airplay after her highly praised Super Bowl 51 performance of the song. The track has now outperformed the album's first single "Perfect Illusion" in radio airplay and is one of the most played tracks on New York's biggest hit radio station Z100, which is also accessible nationwide through the iHeartRadio app.

'Million Reasons' Massive Airplay Boost

Lady Gaga now has one more addition to her "Million Reasons" to smile following her wildly successful Super Bowl halftime performance. Gaga interrupted her manic high-energy dance-athon to sit down at the piano and belt out a heartfelt version of the raw ballad from Joanne, and the move paid off in spades, immediately sending the song to the top of the digital downloads chart and rocketing her floundering Joanne album from the number 66 position all the way up to the number 2 spot on the album chart.

It looks as if that sales resurgence has finally boosted Gaga's radio airplay prospects after a tough time with both "Million Reasons" and Joanne's first single, "Perfect Illusion," which failed to garner the support of radio stations across the United States that had helped Gaga's previous hits like "Poker Face," "Bad Romance," "Born This Way," and others soar to the top of the charts.

"Million Reasons," initially released back in November 2016, saw a boost in radio airplay of 35 percent over the previous week, a massive number for a traditionally slow-moving field. New York's biggest hit station Z100 (WHTZ) led the way for its hometown girl by making the song its fourth most played track of the week, especially unusual for a ballad on a station that is overwhelmingly upbeat. Z100 has one of the highest radio profiles nationwide and is featured on the immensely popular iHeartRadio app, which allows listeners across the United States to listen online.

Jennifer Lopez Loves Gaga: 2018 Halftime In The Cards?

Gaga also just received some kind words from fellow diva Jennifer Lopez, who praised her Super Bowl performance in a new interview.

"I love Lady Gaga. I think she's a real entertainer. I really love her," Lopez gushed, also addressing rumors that she is set to take the stage for next year's big game. JLo said she would definitely take the gig if offered but equivocated: "I don't know about the whole Super Bowl thing [for me]. We'll see what happens, but I loved Gaga this year."

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