Lady Gaga's Super Bowl performance has scored a touchdown on the charts for the pop singer. The newly released Billboard charts show Gaga's latest music, recent single "Million Reasons" and album Joanne, surging into the top 5.

The numbers are officially in, and we can confirm that the real winner of Super Bowl 51 is Lady Gaga. The singer put on a spectacular halftime performance at the big game and is now experiencing a miraculous comeback on par with the winning ways of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, who staged a remarkable comeback in Houston to emerge victorious over their rivals, the Atlanta Falcons.

Lady Gaga's Big Super Bowl Comeback

Like the Patriots, Gaga was down but not out, as her newest music had stalled on the Billboard charts after her previous pop music collection, 2013's Artpop, had also failed to meet commercial expectations. Joanne, released in November 2016, underperformed even further, and failed to produce even one hit single for the singer, who had previously ruled the Billboard top 10 with songs such as "Poker Face," "Just Dance," "Born This Way," and "Bad Romance."

Gaga performed all those tracks at the Super Bowl, along with her latest single from Joanne, "Million Reasons." We reported that a surge in sales of both that song and the album occurred immediately following the performance and would likely result in some big chart moves for Gaga when the week's digital sales and downloads were officially revealed by Billboard.

Gaga's Songs And Albums Experience Huge Billboard Chart Surge

Now that the numbers have been tallied, it's clear how strong an impact Gaga's Super Bowl resurgence had in the week following her performance. Gaga's entire song catalog downloads increased 1,850 percent to 410,000 sold on the week, and her on-demand song streams grew 196 percent to measure 41.8 million.

The biggest beneficiaries of the surge were Gaga's latest song and album. "Million Reasons" leapt to the number 4 spot on the Billboard charts after previously having stalled at number 52. It also hit the number 1 position on the digital song sales chart. Joanne skyrocketed to the number 2 position on the album chart from the 66 spot the previous week. Her debut album, The Fame, from 2008 returned to the chart at number 6, while Born this Way reentered at number 25. Even Artpop, the only Gaga album from which she didn't perform a song at the Super Bowl, had a sales surge, reentering the chart at number 174. The songs Gaga did perform also experienced large sales increases for the week, all placing in the top 40 of digital song sales chart and cementing her return to A list pop star status.

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