Early on in January, there have been rumors about Microsoft working on a Surface Book 2 with more advanced features such as a 4K display and Kaby Lake processor, especially when it reduced the price of the current model.

Tech Times also reported new rumors on March 17 about Microsoft opting for a clamshell design for the Surface Book 2.

While it is already undeniable how much more advanced the Microsoft hybrid device is, with the speculations that the company is ditching the signature Surface design, one would wonder if the Surface Book 2 will really just be a regular laptop or if there is something more to it.

Only Microsoft will be able to address the rumors, but it has yet to confirm any of the speculations despite claims that it has already entered into mass production for the new device in the Surface line.

The Rumors

Sources close to a related supply chain claim that the Surface Book 2 will sport a 13.5-inch 4K display with a magnesium-aluminum-alloy chassis, have VR support, and will do away with the 2-in-1 hybrid experience that the Surface Book is known for. In addition to that, Microsoft will supposedly offer the Surface Book 2 at around $1,000, much lower than the starting price of its predecessor.

Take The Rumors With A Grain Of Salt

The information may shock some people who love the 2-in-1 hybrid design of the Surface product line, but Laptop Mag says that the source of rumors does not really have a good track record when it comes to leaks and rumors. So unless Microsoft confirms any of the speculations, there is really nothing for certain yet.

Then Gulp A Shot Of Tequila

According to the anonymous source, Microsoft's move was due to the lower-than-expected demand for the Surface Book caused by its high price and the detachable design conflicting with the Surface Pro series. If the rumors are true and this is really the reason for Microsoft's decision, then perhaps the company intends to redirect the internal struggle and compete against more established traditional laptop manufacturers instead.

There is already a fierce competition among manufacturers releasing high-end laptops, so if the rumors are true, Microsoft will really shake things up by releasing a traditional laptop design that features amazing Surface Pro-like specifications for $1,000. Even people looking for mid-range laptops can just shell out a few hundred dollars more for the Surface Book 2 and they would already have a powerful laptop people normally pay at least $1,500 for.

That means Microsoft will target both mid-range and high-end laptop users for the Surface Book 2 and, with the rumored amazing specifications it is equipped with, it may just be able to achieve that.

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