Along with other incredible features of electric vehicles (EVs), instant torque adds another dimension to Tesla vehicles. This feature is important not only because it is fun, but also ensures safety of the car if one understands its proper use.

Reports have shared how this instant acceleration feature is instrumental in saving lives, preventing what could have been horrific accidents.

In 2016, showing great presence of mind a driver used instant torque and managed to have a narrow escape while aboard his Tesla Model P85D.

Now, a video uploaded on Reddit shows a Tesla Model X driver reacting promptly and taking benefit of his car's instant torque feature, to escape a major rear-end accident in a stop-and-go congestion.

What The Video Reveals

In the video, it can be seen that a black SUV rear ends another black car, which then rear ends another vehicle (probably a BMW). This car then accelerates towards the white Model X vehicle. The driver, Maaz Jilani, thinks quickly on his feet and accelerates his Model X to safety in the nick of time.

The video was captured by the dashcam of another car and clearly shows the close shave Jilani had.

"Yeah I did try to sprint away but unfortunately it very touched me barley. The black plastic part has two screw indentations, so it's extremely minimal damage. It could have been much worse if I hadn't accelerated," said Jilani to Electrek.

As evidenced in the past, the autopilot feature of Tesla helps avoid collisions as well. However, Jilani uploaded the video on YouTube and mentioned that the autopilot feature was not activated during the time of the accident. Jilani shared that he deactivated the same as he was supposed to exit the freeway in some time.

The reddit page garnered lot of comments. Some of them were supportive of Tesla's technology, while others were skeptical that the Model X's autopilot was deactivated.

"Great awareness by the MX driver to avoid an accident happening two cars behind them," commented one of the redditors.

As Jilani's prompt reaction saved him from the mishap, it is unclear whether he could have made it if the Model X's instant torque feature was unavailable. In the video it seems like there was only a gap of inches between the cars.

The fact remains that the car prevented a huge crash, which could have not only damaged the Model X as well as the other vehicles in the road, but also caused injuries.

Check out the video below.

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