Logitech has announced its new Rugged Combo, which includes a keyboard and a cover for the relatively inexpensive 9.7-inch iPad from Apple. The accessories are specifically designed for students.

The new creation from Logitech, the Rugged Combo, Rugged Case, and add-on Keyboard for Rugged Case, have been created anticipating the popularity of the newly-launched iPad among students.

"iPad is changing the way teachers teach and students learn, and the Logitech Rugged Combo for the new 9.7-inch iPad is built from the ground up with personalized-learning in mind," said Michele Hermann, VP of mobility at Logitech.

The company has collaborated with Apple to create the Rugged Combo and to boost the resistance power of the iPad.

Specifications Of The New Rugged Range

The frame of the Rugged Case is made of subtle polymer, which will help protect the device from day-to-day damage, including drops from as high as six feet onto a hard surface.

The stand is made of strong automatic hinges which allows the iPad to have free movement inside a 40-degree dimension even though it securely stays in one place.

It also includes a portable keyboard which allows students enhanced capability of typing and taking notes in classrooms.

The proprietary connector of Logitech helps the keyboard to be physically connected with the iPad. Another advantage is that the keyboard does not need any additional charge as it runs on the tablet's power itself.

The keyboard has been specifically designed by comprehensive expertise of Logitech, to make it almost similar to the laptop keyboard. It will provide a comfortable experience while typing and also helps reduce mistakes. It also has a row of functional and shortcut keys, which will enable the user to operate several functions easily and instantly.

The new Rugged Case ensures protection of the iPad and also has a portable screen cover. Users will be able to attach it when the iPad is not in use, or while taking it somewhere. They can remove it when they do not wish to use it. The cover and the keyboard will, however, be sold separately.

Regarding the keyboard attachment, Hermann said that it can be used during assessments as well, as the product is completely secure. This may lead to their use in classrooms, where students are equipped with these iPads along with the Rugged Combo.


The new range from Logitech will be available for purchase in schools and school districts in the U.S., as well as Canada. People looking to get one can pick it up from Apple's online store.

For any further information about the range, you can visit the official website of Logitech.

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