PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Issues After Update: Sony Is Aware Of The Problem And Is Working On A Fix


The latest PlayStation 4 update brought a number of neat improvements, but it also broke wireless connectivity in the process.

Users have been reporting Wi-Fi issues since getting the software update version 4.50 on March 9 and the problem seems to be quite widespread. For some reason, the console's Wi-Fi connectivity no longer works after the update and although it's already been a couple of weeks, no fix is available yet.

PS4 Wi-Fi Issues After Update 4.50

"I updated my PS4 this morning and after the update it cannot connect to Wi-Fi," one user wrote on the PlayStation community forum. "It comes up with error NW-31297-2 that my password might be wrong but I'm pretty sure the password is correct."

That error code, NW-31297-2, typically occurs when the Wi-Fi password is wrong on the PS4 or the network is busy. The user added that other devices had no issues connecting to the internet. That was the first sign that the problem was with the console, and other users quickly joined the discussion reporting similar Wi-Fi connectivity issues with the PS4 after updating.

Two weeks later, the forum thread is now 26 pages long and nearly 250 posts show that many users are experiencing these PS4 Wi-Fi connectivity issues. The matter is greatly frustrating and some users even spent extra money buying Wi-Fi extenders with Ethernet ports so they could have their PS4 connected to the internet. That's obviously not a desirable solution, however, and most users are still waiting for Sony to do something to patch things up.

Sony Is Aware Of The PS4 Wi-Fi Issues

Contacted by Polygon, a Sony spokesperson acknowledged the problem and said the company is investigating.

"We are aware and are looking into the situation," said the company representative, without offering any additional details or an estimate as to when a fix could roll out.

Considering that it's already been two weeks and it's not just some minor inconvenience, however, Sony should come up with a solution sooner rather than later. It typically doesn't take too long after acknowledging an issue to deliver a fix, but it remains to be seen when Sony will address this matter.

This is hardly the first time something went wrong after a major PS4 firmware update. Back in October 2014, for instance, the PS4 update 2.0 messed with basic functionality such as rebooting the system and brought some annoying bugs in the process. More recently, update version 4.05 gave users some headaches because the PS4 Pro console no longer worked properly with 4K TVs.

It remains to be seen how promptly Sony will resolve the new PS4 Wi-Fi connectivity issues caused by the 4.50 update, but at least it's good to know the company is working on a fix.

Did you encounter the same Wi-Fi issues after the PS4 update? If so, did you find any temporary workarounds to deal with the matter until an official fix rolls out? Drop by our comments section below and share your experience.

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