Instagram Rolls Out Two-Factor Authentication For All Users And Can Now Blur Sensitive Photos

From blurring sensitive photos to giving access to two-factor authentication, Instagram has rolled out a couple of announcements that could make their platform a safer and friendlier environment.

Blurring Sensitive Photos

Instagram is just one of a number of social media sites that many are enjoying these days. However, just like all the other sites, it isn't completely safe from photos that other people may deem uncomfortable to see, especially on a site that's designed for light and friendly photo sharing. Because of this, you may soon find that Instagram has blurred some of the photos on your feed.

What's not sensitive to you may be sensitive to others. This is one of the reasons why Instagram has chosen to adopt their latest update where photos deemed to be inappropriate or sensitive will be blurred from your feed, and will remain to be so unless you opt to click on the photo to reveal its content.

This feature doesn't necessarily target photos that have violated the site's guidelines, but those that have been reported by other users and confirmed by their team as sensitive photos such as war scenes or other gruesome photos.

Since the photos will still be easily revealed with a simple tap, the only real change to your Instagram experience will be the lessened shock value as you scroll down on your feed.

Two-Factor Authentication

The Two-Factor Authentication isn't really a new way of securing your accounts, but for Instagram it is. As of today, Instagram is making the two-factor authentication available to all their users as an additional layer of safety. Once activated, the two-factor authentication would require a user to input a code with every log in apart from the username and password.

To activate the two-factor authentication, one must simply tap on the gear icon on your profile, scroll down to find Two-Factor Authentication, and tap Require Security Code to activate the feature. You can also deactivate the feature in the same way.

While some may find the new feature tedious and unnecessary, the two-factor authentication is a reliable feature that adds that extra layer of protection to your device and your accounts.

For extra measure, Instagram also announced the development of a site where you can learn about safe use of Instagram as well as the tools that can help you use Instagram to its fullest such as comment controls and account blocking.

These recent measures from Instagram are all movements that could make the site a friendlier, safer, and more positive online community.

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