2017 may just be a big year for the DC Cinematic Universe and Warner Brothers as they prepare to release DC's response to The Avengers with Justice League.

Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice may not have been a fan favorite but Justice League could change all that, especially with the first official trailer that Warner Brothers released to hype up fans as they wait for its release in November.

We've all seen various teasers for Justice League, from post-credits scenes to special sneak previews at the comic-con. However, even when we already have an idea of how the DC heroes will come together, it's still exciting to finally see it all in the official two and a half minute trailer.

The Bat's Mission

We've seen Ben Affleck appear in post-credit scenes as he tracks down the powered individuals he found in Lex Luthor's files. Just like in those teasers, the first official trailer opens up with a covered up man with a horse on a snowy mountain and we learn soon enough that it is Bruce Wayne as he looks down at a fishing village, a place where we assume he will find Aquaman.

Then a voiceover of a conversation between Bruce and Diana Prince takes over and the shot cuts to a scene of Silas Stone (Cyborg's father) in his home while a parademon lurks behind him. The voiceover starts to introduce the other heroes in style by mentioning their identity and alter-ego.

The League

Of course, we already know about Wonder Woman since she had a big part in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and her solo film is so close to its release. The trailer now focuses on the three other heroes, especially since Diana literally tells Bruce that the attack from far away he is anticipating is already happening.

Arthur Curry, The Aquaman
The voice of Bruce introduces The Aquaman, played by Jason Momoa, as he stands on a capsized boat to rescue a man. Then he not-so-gently sets him down the table in a bar and takes a bottle of liquor, telling the bartender that "it's on him" (yes, that unconscious man in the middle of the bar). We will also see a shot of Meera, played by Amber Heard, as she exercises her power under the sea.

Victor Stone, Cyborg
Victor Stone, played by Ray Fisher, only gets an introduction of his current physical-or electronic-state as the voice of Diana says "Organic and bio-electronic body parts. He's a cyborg." Then we see Cyborg in action in his father's laboratory, on the streets, and surrounded by flames.

Barry Allen, The Flash
We already saw the comedic encounter between Bruce and Barry Allen, played by Ezra Miller, as the billionaire tries to recruit him where Barry was quick to accept the invitation. This time, however, Barry's recruitment scene focuses on Bruce testing his speed and Barry identifying Bruce as "The Batman."

Justice League

Then everyone finally comes together to protect the Earth from alien threat as a very appropriate soundtrack plays in the background. Superman doesn't appear in the trailer yet but Lois Lane does, and she is seen looking up so maybe that's a clue?

Maybe it's also worth noting that Aquaman "digs" The Batman's costume and Bruce is straight with his answer to Barry's question about his superpowers. Bruce's answer: I'm rich.

Watch the full trailer below.


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