Google Play Store Launches ‘Free App Of The Week’ Section: ‘Card Wars - Adventure Time’ Is Up First

There's no one who'll balk at the idea of free stuff, especially when it comes to apps. The Play Store, for instance, holds a trove of free apps, but is notorious for hosting crapshoots and duds here and there, hobnobbing with more refined and decent titles. While that issue is another conversation altogether, Google is at least making it easy for people to find premium games that can be downloaded for free for a limited period.

Play Store's Free App Of The Week Section

A ''Free app of the week" section will now be a staple element of the Google Play Store, which is a much-needed, if a little late, feature.

We've all experienced seeing a previously priced game being offered for free for a limited time only, and such a catch feels a delight. Actively keeping an eye out for paid apps, however, is not exactly easy. Combing through the Play Store's breadth of titles proves near impossible.

This makes Google's decision to add a special free app of the week section a huge help for users looking to snag great deals on apps.

For this week the free game is Cartoon Network's Card Wars - Adventure Time. This title is normally priced $2.99, but it's now available to download for free, kicking off the free app of the week section. There's no assurance, however, that the free weekly apps will always be games, but it certainly convinces people to keep an eye out for the section each week just in case a good app sheds its price point.

How To Access Free App Of The Week On Play Store

To access the section on mobile, scroll through the Play Store 'Apps' page until you find it. You won't have to look that hard, anyway, as Google appears to be making it very visible to users, giving it its own custom banner, as dictated by the free app. This section may also be accessed the same way on the desktop version of the Play Store.

While a free section is great, it's worth noting that there's no guarantee if it'll be a game you'd actually want to download. But hey, nothing beats the low, low price of free.

By contrast, Google's rival digital store, Apple's own App Store, has been employing a similar concept for a while now. Google just didn't jump on that bandwagon until now. Granted, Google's version is still looking pretty limited, but the feature is, to be fair, in its early days. It's easy to imagine that Google could spruce it up a bit more and even designate a full-fledged paid-to-free section that's much easier to spot and navigate.

It's worth noting that the section will only be visible in select markets, which is a shame. Even so, the game featured will still be free if users search for it manually, which is an odd choice.

Card Wars - Adventure Time's sale ends in five days until a free new app comes along. Thoughts about Google's new free app of the week section on the Play Store? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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