Android Nougat Update For Verizon HTC 10 Arrives March 30


Finally, HTC 10 gets its sweetest update yet. HTC 10 owners hooked on Verizon is getting a Nougat update.

Android Nougat is Android OS's latest update packed with the latest features and fixes. The software update will start rolling out on March 30.

Other carriers such as Sprint and T-Mobile have already released the updates on their units earlier this year. Although some months late, Verizon is finally catching up on the latest update.

Nougat On Your HTC 10 On Verizon

The update was announced by HTC's VP of Product Management Mo Versi via Twitter. Likewise, Verizon announced the update through its website together with details on how to do the update.

On March 30, the software version must have a Build Number of 1.85.605.9.

To download, simply go to Home screen. Then go to Apps > Settings > About in the System section. Tap the Software Information tab to see the Build Number. Check Install System Updates to see if the phone is already updated; if not, the phone will automatically update. Verizon advises that the phone should have strong connection (Wi-Fi or Verizon Wireless) and be fully charged during the update.

What's New With Nougat

Nougat is Android OS' seventh major update, following the naming convention with dessert theme. Every year, Google rolls out a new operating system for all Android devices; Nougat was released on Aug. 22, 2016.

Performance. Nougat-ready phones finally get VR support. VR is one of the rising trends in mobile and wearable technology and with VR support, HTC 10 owners can soon immerse in virtual worlds using VR devices.

Other performance updates are JIT compiler, which improves runtime and reduces storage space for apps; and Vulkan API, which improves 3D graphics during gaming.

Battery and Data. Nougat introduces Doze, which lets a device go into lower power usage when it is inside the pocket or bag. Data Saver limits how much data the device uses. When turned on, apps in the background won't use mobile data, which is good news for people worried about leaking mobile data usage.

Productivity. Users can use multiple screens on Android using the Split-screen Mode. In Nougat, users can run two apps side-by-side, so they can watch a movie while chatting, for example. There is also the Quick Switch mode, which allows switching between two recently used apps just by double tapping. And finally, the Picture-in-Picture mode allows users to watch videos while browsing.

Notifications. Bundled Notifications lets the user see stacked notifications from individual apps. The user can then make a Direct Reply on the notification itself without the need to launch the app. Lastly, the user can press and hold the notification to toggle its settings by tapping it.

Emoji. Emoji lovers will be in for a treat as Unicode 9 emojis are available in Nougat. Over 1,500 emojis are available for chat, social media or email use.

Other major updates are on Privacy & Security (Direct Boot, Trusted Face), System Usability (Clear All, Quick Settings Bar), Device Setup and Migration, Internationalization (multi-locale support, new languages), Accessibility (display size, text-to-speech), and Work Mode.

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