Wai Kuen Kwok was killed instantly after he was reportedly pushed in front of a speeding train in the New York City subway on November 16.

The 61-year-old native of the Bronx was traveling to Chinatown with his wife when an unidentified suspect pushed him onto the train tracks.

Kwok died at the Grand Concourse and East 167th Street station just before 9 a.m. EST. The conductor of the vehicle did his best to stop the train, but was unable to slow down in time to save the man.

His wife stated the attack happened quickly, before either of them could react, and that there was no interaction between her husband and his assailant before the incident. A train operator at the scene of the deadly attack confirmed the story provided by the surviving spouse.

"He said the guy just flew off the platform in front of his train as he was entering the station. The guy was still in the air when he hit him," the New York subway engineer said.

The New York City Police Department has released a video they show shows a suspect leaving the subway system following the killing. The surveillance tape shows the suspect walking off a city bus, stopping in a store, and smoking a cigarette. The man police are looking for is balding, and was wearing jeans and a black leather jacket.

"Upon arrival, officers discovered a 61-year-old unconscious and unresponsive male on the tracks with severe body trauma. Preliminary investigation revealed that the aided was pushed by a unknown male black onto the roadbed in front of the incoming southbound "D" train and was pronounced DOA at the scene. The unknown perpetrator fled the scene onto the street," New York City police announced.

After the death of Kwok, his wife was treated at a local hospital for emotional trauma. Some reports state the suspect may have tried to push her onto the tracks, along with her husband. The couple's family gathered at her house, for what was reportedly a highly-emotional gathering.

A regular passenger on the subway was killed after he was pushed onto tracks in December 2012, the first of two killings that month. A homeless person pushed another man to his death in April 2013, following an altercation.

Video showing the alleged assailant fleeing from the scene of the killing was released on the YouTube page for the 44th Precinct.

Roughly 50 people die each year in the New York subway system, mostly from suicide.

No arrests have yet been made over the incident, and authorities are asking the public to assist them in identifying the suspect seen in the video.

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