YouTube TV Goes Live: How To Sign Up And What You Need To Know Before You Do


Google is now rolling out YouTube TV in the United States, but it comes with a lot of caveats such as area restrictions and constraints on content.

That said, here's what you need to know before you sign up for the streaming service.

How To Sign Up For YouTube TV

YouTube TV is available only in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, and the San Francisco Bay Area, and other markets are expected to follow suit soon.

"Soon" probably won't cut it for some people outside those places. Luckily, no one really has to wait for it, no matter where they are.

To sign up for YouTube TV from anywhere, all you need is one thing: VPN. However, this will cost you extra, as free versions don't usually have the right set of tools for this workaround.

Put simply, what you want to do here is to use the VPN to sort of trick Google into thinking you're registering from one of the supported areas.

After that, just go to the official YouTube TV website and avail a subscription for the streaming service. Take note there's a free trial of 30 days before the $35 per month kicks in, but you're going to need a debit or credit card at that point already.

YouTube TV: What You Need To Know Before You Sign Up

Before taking the plunge, there are some things to keep in mind since it's still a pretty big commitment, after all.

First off, here's what you'll get from YouTube TV:

• Live TV from ABC, CBS, Comcast SportsNet, ESPN, Fox Sports Networks, Fox, NBC, and many others.

• A cloud DVR with unlimited storage.

• Ability to watch across multiple platforms — computer, smartphone, and tablet.

• Access to YouTube Red Originals.

• Support for up to six accounts and simultaneous streaming across three devices.

With that cleared up, here are the don'ts to take note of:

Don't Sign Up From An iOS Device

If you sign up using your iPhone or iPad, YouTube TV will cost you $39.99 a month plus tax. The solution is obvious already, but in case it needs to be mentioned, just register via an Android device or the official website for the standard price.

Don't Sign Up Where You Don't Live

Google says it "recommends waiting to sign up until you return home." That's to "make sure you get access to the correct local networks," or in other words, that's to let you get the right local feeds.

Of course, this won't be a problem if you use the VPN workaround explained earlier.

Don't Use The Original Chromecast

Not much to hash out here. It's just that Google warns you "may experience a higher rate of errors" if you use the first-generation Chromecast.

One last thing: A YouTube TV membership won't get rid of ads on the standard version of YouTube, but that can be dealt with a subscription to YouTube Red, which will hold you back by another $9.99 a month, though.

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