Some babies can't sleep without their special blanket, and some can't sleep if mom or dad isn't around to hum them to sleep. Some, however, can only fall asleep in cars. From the soft vibrations to the soothing engine sounds and soft lighting, babies seem to fall asleep faster on car rides.

Now, Ford Spain has created a solution for parents whose babies just simply cannot fall asleep without the obligatory car ride.

Max Motor Dreams

Max Motor Dreams is a smart crib created by car maker Ford. It is a stylish smart crib designed to simulate the sensations infants usually feel during car rides — essentially helping them to relax and sleep. The crib is equipped with LED lights that mimic the passing lights during car rides. It also has speakers at the bottom to simulate either ambient sounds or even the gentle humming sounds of the car.

What's more, Max Motor Dreams can track the car's usual route so that it will mimic the actual car ride from the back seat. It's pretty stylish, too, with a sleek white exterior and a wooden accent with the Ford logo engraved at the side.

However, parents could hold their wallets first because Max Motor Dreams isn't exactly available to the public yet. It is also not clear if Ford will decide to turn Max Motor Dreams into an actual product to add to its line-up. As of now, it is still a part of the promotion of its Max line of vehicles, which include the Ford C-Max Hybrid.

For now, the crib is a prize for the winner of a raffle that Ford Spain is holding, where participants only need to test drive the vehicles in the Ford Max line. Ford is said to be considering the mass production of the product due to popular demand.

Smart Beds For A Smart Home

Yes, even beds aren't safe from the smart revolution. Even amidst the baby box phenomenon in the United States, which promotes safe sleep practices in a cardboard box, many parents still opt for the other, more technological side of the spectrum.

In this particular case, the main purpose of the smart crib is mainly to assist the parents in putting their infant to sleep, which is a pretty good deal for new parents. In many ways, Ford's development of the smart crib isn't surprising anymore given the fast paced movement of the smart revolution. It is simply a welcome addition to the fast growing smart home market.

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