Netflix is currently the world's leading streaming service with a huge array of content, including original movies and series that may soon be optimized for mobile devices.

As with all companies, Netflix owes its success to the talented individuals who push for innovative ways to bring its services to people. The company, however, is about to bid farewell to two of its longtime senior officials who have been with the company for at least the past decade.

Neil Hunt, CPO

Netflix announced on April 7 that Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt, who has been with the company for 18 years, will leave the company in July. During his entire stay in Netflix, Hunt led the product team with designing, building, and delivering the best services Netflix can offer to its members.

Hunt will pass the baton to Greg Peters, Netflix Japan's marketing and content licensing and creation head. Hunt and Peters have worked together in the past in an effort to improve customer experience for Netflix. Peters has led efforts in international business development from the Tokyo office of Netflix since 2015 but has worked in Netflix for nine years.

"Neil has been an amazing leader who uniquely brings together analytical rigor, deep engineering chops, human warmth and a wry sense of humor [...] I've been lucky to have him as my mentor," Peters said of Hunt.

"I knew [Greg] was an especially gifted engineer and entrepreneur ... I'm delighted to be leaving the Netflix product organization in such great shape and in such good hands," Hunt expressed.

Hunt and Peters first met and collaborated nine years ago, which could explain Hunt's confidence with his successor.

Reed Hastings, Netflix co-founder and chief executive officer, also expressed his gratitude toward Hunt for his commendable work in the company for nearly two decades.

Tawni Cranz, CTO

Netflix's Chief Talent Officer Tawni Cranz is also leaving the company, though Netflix did not specify when her last day would be. Cranz has been with the company since 2007 but she will take her exit to pursue other interests.

"Over the last decade, Tawni has played a formative role in developing our business culture as well as developing an amazing talent team ... We deeply appreciate her contributions," Hastings said.

There is no word yet on who will take the position after Cranz leaves the company.

Despite the farewells, however, Hastings remains optimistic about the company's future.

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