Netflix Hacks: 8 More Tips And Tricks Every Binge-Watcher Should Know


Netflix has been improving its offerings to pull in more people to subscribe to its service, even going so far as to entice anime lovers with its limited selections and producing original and exclusive content.

Tech Times shared eight Netflix hacks to binge-watch like a boss in May 2016 and, since almost a year has passed, we've scoured for more nifty tricks for avid binge-watchers like us. If you're wondering why, just take a look at the wonderful new movies and TV series Netflix is adding in March.

Here are eight additional tips we found to make your Netflix marathons more enjoyable.

Alter The Netflix Algorithm

We all make terrible mistakes sometimes when choosing a show to watch. By "mistake" we mean watching something we thought was interesting, only to totally regret it just after seeing one or two episodes. Unfortunately, Netflix's algorithm can sometimes be persistent in reminding us about that mistake by suggesting similar titles but there is actually a simple fix for that.

To ensure that you actually get suggestions that do not take your experimental viewings into consideration, all you have to do is remove the shows or movies from your viewing activity. Once you do that, the Netflix algorithm will adjust and forget you actually watched that less-than-enjoyable show you thought was OK.

Check The Time

We already know that Netflix has become really popular and, while it is good news because the streaming site would churn out more content, it's also bad news because users have a lot of competition when it comes to getting high-quality video content. While you can tweak the video quality to ensure you get HD all the time, that doesn't really help much if too many people are streaming shows from Netflix the same time you are.

According to an experiment by Digital Trends, the video quality of Netflix content varies throughout the day, with the worst video quality during peak hours. The fastest way to get the best video quality you can stream is to schedule your binge-watching during off-peak hours, like during the time everyone else is asleep.

More Shows With The Netflix ID Bible

Do you want to watch more films and series under the same genre or with similar themes as the one you just watched but you have no idea what categories they fall under? Well, it's time to go to the Netflix ID Bible where Netflix has written down every single category available in its website.

Netflix has a different ID for, say, dramas based on real life (3653) and dramas based on books (4961), and those are still different from biographical dramas (3179). Then it's just a matter of typing "[Netfilix ID]" (for example, to see all the titles under that category.

Even More Categories

So you're not feeling too random to use the FLIX Roulette but you're not in the mood to scour every single Netflix category in the Netflix ID Bible. Luckily, there's still another option using a Google Chrome extension called Netflix Categories, which promises to unlock hidden Netflix categories for users.

Shows And Categories With Recommendations

It may seem strange but if you want a truly informative recommendation from fellow Netflix users, the best place to look for it is not in Netflix - we're sure you already know that - but in Reddit.

No, it's not a joke. The subreddit category r/NetflixBestOf is a gold mine for Netflix subscribers so you should take advantage of that.

Ensure Your Algorithm is On Point

So you felt generous and trusting at some point in your Netflix subscription and shared your username and password to a friend or an old flame. We're not saying they're mooching off of your subscription but if there is even a slight possibility that someone is still accessing your account, their choices in shows could be messing up Netflix's algorithm for you. The quickest way to ensure your profile and algorithm are on point is by logging off all devices by going to My Account and clicking Sign out of all devices.

Maybe change your password too, just to be sure.

Remember The Keyboard Shortcuts

• Spacebar and Enter = Pause/Play
• Pg dn = Pause
• Pg up = Play
• F = Enter Full Scree
• Esc = Exit Full Screen
• Shift + right arrow = Fast Forward
• Shift + left arrow = Rewind
• Up/Down arrow = Volume Up/Down
• M = Mute

Stay Up-To-Date With Monthly Netflix Releases

It may be shameless self-promotion, but if you don't really have time to go over the Netflix ID Bible, don't want to use Google Chrome just for the Netflix Categories extension, and don't want to go to Reddit, we suggest staying tuned to Tech Times because we also release monthly updates of Netflix content.

You're welcome.

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