As a token of thanks for preordering the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ directly through its website, Samsung is offering a freebie to its U.S. customers.

The news of the additional gift surfaced online when a redditor revealed that he received a free amplifier speaker dock from the South Korean OEM as part of his preorder for the Galaxy S8. The U.S.-based redditor had preordered the Galaxy S8 directly from Samsung's website.

A Gift For Samsung Fans

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ preorders in United States went live on March 30, just a day after it was unveiled at the company's Unpacked event in New York.

Apart from Samsung, all four major network carriers in the country — T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T — are also accepting preorders for the newly-launched smartphones.

However, consumers in the United States who ordered the handsets directly from Samsung's official online store ( were up for an additional treat.

Samsung has surprised them by sending across a free speaker dock for those who preordered the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ directly.

Redditors' Reactions

A redditor going by the name "raistlin89" on Thursday, April 13, wrote on Reddit that he received the Samsung Galaxy S8 Amplifier Speaker Dock in his mail as a preorder gift. He also provided an Imgur link where he uploaded the pictures of the speaker.

"Just got this in the mail lol," wrote raistlin89, in his Reddit post.

In one of the pictures showing the amplifier speaker dock, one can also see a "thank you" note from Samsung that has been sent to the customer along with the speaker dock.

"Thank you for your Galaxy S8/ Galalxy S8+ preorder - please accept this gift as a small thank you for your business. Once your new phone arrives, don't forget to register it, in order to obtain additional information and valuable benefits," wrote Samsung on its speaker dock "thank you" note.

However, some people who preordered the smartphones were not very happy with the sound quality and build of the speaker.

"Got mine (direct from Samsung order). Just for giggles, dropped my LG G6 into it and, well, it sounds like a phone speaker being directed through a plastic cone, i.e. terrible," wrote another redditor.

Free Amplifier Speaker Dock From Samsung

The free gift is an amplifier speaker dock that has been designed to simply direct the audio from the device's speakers, in this case Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, to the speaker.

The dock has a semi-conical shape with a rectangular base and comes with a USB type-C port for charging and docking purposes.

The body of the passive amplifier speaker dock is made of plastic and it has no buttons or knobs for sound control and customization.

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