Samsung launched three new functional watchfaces for its Gear S3 smartwatch as a part of its spring collection.

The watchfaces have been made specifically for outdoor activities as spring, after a harsh winter, brings warm and comfortable weather, enabling one to enjoy more outdoor and physical activities.

Samsung's Gear S3 smartwatch has been designed and manufactured specifically for consumers who love to stay active and adventurous.

Equipped with an IP68 certification, the Samsung smartwatch is dust and water proof and can withstand harsh conditions such as when one goes trekking or traveling. The rugged Gear S3 is the perfect companion for those on the move and who love training.

The three watch faces for the Gear S3 are dubbed the Outdoor, Sports, and Travel.

The Outdoor Watchface

The Samsung Outdoor watchface comes with a collection of three Gear S3 functions, which will help users enjoy the weather outside.

The watchface comes with an altimeter at three o'clock, a date and weather indicatior at six, a barometer at nine, and lastly, an arched sunset or sunrise display over the screen.

To access the app, one has to single-tap the onscreen indication. For customizations of different display-associated settings on the Outdoor watchface, one has to double-tap the same indication.

The Outdoor watchface also comes with a night mode and is being offered to the users in multiple colors, so that they can choose one according to their liking.

The Sports Watchface

The Sports watchface brings together an array of Gear S3 functions, which helps the users train or play their favorite sports.

The watchface displays a speedometer at nine along with a stopwatch positioned at three o'clock. It also includes side-by-side displays, which reflects the monitored heart rate and the amount of calories burned during the activity.

To assist users track their rides and runs, the Sports watchface offers easy access to the My Journey feature, which is nestled at the bottom of the Gear S3's screen.

Similar to the Outdoor watchface, the Sports version also comes with an in-built alert to warn users about the safety and exertion. However, unlike the Outdoor edition, the Sports watchface comes in six colors instead of four.

The Travel Watchface

The Travel watchface is designed exclusively for tourists and business travelers to help them track and manage their trips in a more organized manner.

The customizable dual-time indication of the Travel watchface allows a user to effortlessly track the weather and time not only back home, but also at their current location.

The watchface offers easy access to currency exchange rates and places the currency display at 12 o'clock.

The My Journey feature has been placed at six o'clock on the watchface and allows a user to monitor the distance that he/she has traveled.

It also offers the user a detailed map of the new city to help them explore and navigate the place without hurdles. Similar to the Outdoor watchface, the Travel watchface is also available in four different colors.

The users of the Gear S3 can now download the Outdoor, Sports, and Travel watchfaces from the Gear App store.

Watch Bear Grylls take on nature and harsh weather with the help of Gear S3 Outdoor watchface in the video below.

In the below video, stunt biker Robbie Maddison shows how useful the Sport watchface is to an enthusiast.

Filmed in reverse, Russian travel photographer Murad Osmann and his wife Natalia, demonstrate in the video below, how beautifully the Travel watchface helped them travel around the world, from Moscow to Havana, Cuba.

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