Forget The Galaxy S8: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Concept Images Have Us Drooling


The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus aren't even commercially out yet, but reports of the Note 8, the direct sequel to the fiery Galaxy Note 7, which was recalled and ultimately killed last year, are already surfacing the web.

The Galaxy Note 8's design is expected to be culled from the design of the Galaxy S8, which means it'll also have an Infinity Display that's nearly bezel-less, tapering on both edges of the phone so as to give a picture window-like view. But the Galaxy Note 8 is also reported to improve upon such a design with a bigger screen and an increased screen-to-body ratio. Now, the handset has been rendered a concept image of its own right, giving us an early, albeit unofficial look at the forthcoming Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung Note 8 Specs

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy Note 8 later this year, as is the case with its previous release windows for past Galaxy Note devices. Needless to say that it should stand as the best phone the company has ever built, since Galaxy Note handsets are regarded as for "power users" in contrast with its Galaxy S-series siblings.

The device, as always, is expected to sport a Super AMOLED display that occupies more space on the front panel than the Galaxy S8 does. The Galaxy Note 8 might also come with a dual camera setup akin to the iPhone 7 Plus.

Even with those slim details, the phone already sounds impressive. While under-the-hood specs are pretty much up for speculation as of now, that doesn't mean we can't take a gander at this concept image by graphic designer Benjamin Geskin, who took to Twitter to let everyone take a peek at his own prediction of what the Galaxy Note 8 will look like. It's gorgeous to say the least, although it doesn't look that drastically different from the Galaxy S8's design.

As you can see, the screen-to-body ratio has been improved slightly, and the sides of the phone are curved, both on the front and on the back. There's also the dual camera setup as mentioned, in a vertical orientation.

S Pen On The Cards?

Other rumors about specs are slim, of course, although they should be making their way to the web any time now, if Samsung plans to release it this fall. Perhaps the Galaxy Note 8 will come with an S Pen, as previous Galaxy Note handsets have. It's all guesswork for now, but to be clear, Samsung needs a winner this time, if to reorient its hurt consumer loyalty after the whole Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, though it seems it wasn't hurt that much. It's looking good on the battery safety front, anyway, so it shows that Samsung really stepped up its game so as not to duplicate its battery woes yet again.

Time, however, will tell. But Samsung has to hope it's off to great start with the Galaxy S8 handsets, so the Galaxy Note 8 can build on the success even further.

Thoughts about the Galaxy Note 8? What features do you expect on the forthcoming handset? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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