India comes across its first Ebola case in the capital city of New Delhi. A passenger arrived at the New Delhi Airport along with medical clearance paperwork confirming that he was successfully treated for Ebola in Liberia, but his semen analysis tested positive.

The latest Ebola outbreak started early this year and has infected thousands of people and killed more than 5,000 people in West Africa. The hardest hit Ebola regions are Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. However, some reports of the disease have also been confirmed in the U.S.

The passenger arrived at the New Delhi Airport on Nov. 10 and is an Indian National. He was tested for the disease but as per World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, he has been cured for the virus that inflicted him in Liberia. He was released from a Liberian hospital on Sept. 10 along with clearance documents confirming that he is free from the disease. However, Indian authorities have quarantined the passenger and put him in isolation after his semen tested positive for the deadly virus.

Health experts suggest that male patients can carry the Ebola virus in their semen for 90 days following a successful treatment. The virus can also be transmitted via the semen during sexual intercourse within this 90-day period. Male Ebola patients who recover from the disease are usually advised not to involve in sexual intercourse or use a condom for 90 days following the treatment.

Medical advocates believe that a dangerous disease like Ebola may create havoc in a large country like India where the population exceeds over 1.25 billion. With the lack of hygiene and medical facilities, the disease may get uncontrollable in the country and infect thousands of people and thousands may die due to the disease.

"The situation is under control and there is no need for any alarm," per the Indian health ministry.

The latest Ebola case is the first patient to have landed on Indian soil but has been successfully cured. Indian health authorities are leaving no stone unturned and have confirmed that even though the passenger has a medical clearance certificate and does not show any symptoms of the disease, he will still remain the isolation unit.

No relapse cases of Ebola have been reported and the passenger will be released only once he is tested negative for the virus.

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