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Ram Semen Stored Frozen In 1968 Successfully Impregnates 34 Sheep

Australian researchers successfully impregnated 34 sheep using a ram’s semen that was frozen and preserved for 50 years. The researchers compared this success rate to recently preserved semen and found no difference between the two.

Animals March 18, 2019

Man Hospitalized After Injecting Semen Into Arm To Cure Back Pain

The 33-year-old man developed a cure for his chronic back pain. He injected his own semen into his arm for a year and a half. The treatment did not work.

Feature | Health January 16, 2019

Smartphone App Now Tests For Male Fertility: See How This Semen Analyzer Works

A new at-home male fertility test can detect abnormal semen with 97 percent accuracy compared with traditional lab testing. See how a smartphone app and a chip can make this happen.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 22, 2017

Men With Poor Semen Production May Be Suffering from Bigger Health Problems: Study

Low semen quality in men may indicate presence of other significant health problems, study finds. Semen production a good indicator of general health, researchers discover.

Life December 13, 2014

Infertility, Poor Semen Quality Hints of Other Serious Health Problems

Researchers from Stanford University discovered that there is a link between infertility and poor semen production with other more serious health problems.

Life December 11, 2014

First Ebola Case in India: Passenger from Liberia Quarantined at Delhi Airport After Semen Tests Positive

Indian officials report the first Ebola case in the country. A passenger landed in the New Delhi Airport and his semen analysis tested positive for the deadly virus.

Life November 19, 2014

Don't have sex after Ebola recovery: Virus stays in semen for up to 3 months

Ebola is rocking the world right now, but there are some things we're not quite certain of. New reports claim that having sex after recovering from Ebola is very dangerous, as the virus stays in semen for up to 3 whole months.

Life October 27, 2014

Male infertility, semen abnormalities may reflect higher death risk, says study

Issues with semen may reflect a short lifespan for men, says new Stanford University study. The male infertility issue could represent some hidden health issues, say researchers.

Life May 16, 2014

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