Apple has experienced some unexpected technical issues and a number of users have reported having their Apple Music or iCloud subscriptions abruptly discontinued.

Users reported unexpected issues with their subscriptions, including cancellations or not being able to change plans anymore. Apple reportedly sent out cancellation notices by email out of the blue and the problem seemed to be global, affecting users in several countries worldwide.

Apple Music And iCloud Cancellations

Users took to Reddit, Twitter, and other online venues to report on the matter, only to find that there are many others in the same situation.

"I got this email from Apple this morning '1‑Month subscription for 50GB has been discontinued.' At first I thought it was just a phishing attempt but my friends got it too," one user wrote on Reddit.

"I have an Apple Music subscription (in Japan) and this morning I received a mail from Apple Japan saying 'Dear xxx, Your current Apple Music individual membership subscription has been discontinued, and will not automatically renew. View Account Information. Regards, Apple,'" another user reported.

Another user from Japan speculated that maybe the issue was tied to the fact that Apple is now offering the "Apple Music gift card" in Japan as well. With the unexpected issues, however, the user fears not being able to redeem it after purchase.

When it comes to iCloud, some users received cancellation notifications, while others encountered errors when attempting to change their plan or simply manage their iCloud data. Users also reported missing storage plan settings, with the 50 GB and 200 GB iCloud plans nowhere to be found.

Apple-centric website AppleInsider reported getting a "cannot connect to iCloud" message when attempting to change plans. The publication tried to make the changes from two different iOS devices associated with different Apple IDs, but got the same message.

Apple Music And iCloud Issues Now Resolved

Apple seems to have resolved the problems in the meantime, as users are starting to report that things got back to normal. The services are apparently working now, showing normal prices and functioning as they should.

The company's online system status tracker now lists both Apple Music and iCloud service issues as "resolved."

What Happened?

It remains unclear for now just what caused the issues, but messages asking users to update their payment information seem to indicate that Apple might have experienced issues with associated servers.

Some users speculated that Apple could be planning to change its plans, hike prices and/or modify data caps, but the company has made no announcement in this regard so far. In fact, Apple made no comment whatsoever regarding the Apple Music and iCloud issues users experienced, so it remains a bit unclear just what exactly went wrong.

Considering that the services are now working normally again and no changes seem to be in effect, it was likely just a technical matter rather than a change in plans or prices.

Have you experienced similar issues with your Apple Music or iCloud accounts? If so, are things back to normal now, or do the issues persist? Drop by our comment section below and tell us about your experience.

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