Apple has given its Apple Music app for Android a much-needed update that overhauls the user interface, bringing it aesthetically on par with the Music app on iOS. In addition to major UI changes, the new update also brings song lyrics to Apple Music for Android.

The update marks version 2.0.0 of the Android app, now with 10 to 15 million downloads on the Play Store. It peels away the original look of Apple Music introduced in 2015 and dresses it up with an upgraded skin, bringing the sophisticated "cards" look from iOS.

Back in September, Apple revamped the Apple Music app for iOS, stripping some elements away to end up with less clutter while also giving it larger text blocks and images. The Android app, on the other hand, remained untouched for months, providing its users the same clunky user interface of yesteryear.

Apple Music For Android Gets Updated: What Are The Changes?

That, of course, changes now. The updated app, in addition to visual cleanups, has also reshuffled elements from the old version, such as Beats 1 shows, albums, and the search feature. Playlists have now been relocated to into the Library section, while the New section has been put under Browse. The Now Playing screen now also harks back to a dead-on duplicate of the user interface and style on iOS. Also, the said screen now shows song lyrics, as previously mentioned. There's also the My New Music Mix, akin to discover Weekly on Spotify.

Visual upgrades aside, the update also comes with a security fix. As VentureBeat reports, user data on Apple Music has the potential to be leaked previously, but Apple has now patched that vulnerability up by improving certificate validation, according to the company.

Of course, the question is, will the update convince the loyal Spotify or Google Play Music stalwart to leave everything behind and jump toward Apple's ship? The notion seems like a stretch. But those already subscribed to Apple's music service might find the Android overhaul enough of a compelling reason to remain. All told, it's still good to know that Apple is giving ample focus on the Android versions of its apps, even when the main benefactors are users of its competitor. It shows that Apple is willing to keep on bringing updates to its apps meant to run on Google's platform.

Apple Music's Growth And Subscriber Count

It's foolish not to, anyway. Apple Music is steadily growing, as TechCrunch notes, having reached 20 million paying subscribers at the end of December. Giving Android users access to Apple Music will for sure add to that growth. That said, it's still a ways to go to catch up to Spotify's 50 million paying user base, but it might be on its way there, especially with new programs it's coming up with.

Apple Music is available as a free download for Android, while on iOS, the feature is baked into the regular Music app.

Have you tried the updated Apple Music app for Android? How's the experience so far? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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