Primary Data is emerging from what it calls "stealth mode" to reveal Steve Wozniak will serve as the data virtualization firm's chief scientist with the Apple co-founder teaming up with former Fusion-io partner David Flynn.

A startup firm, Primary Data develops virtualization software that efficiently routes application data to the most suitable resources across a global network of servers. The software addresses the resource requirements in real-time, granting applications a high level of scalability.

Wozniak says he's eager to share the virtualization platform with the rest of the world, where the compute requirements of nascent technologies are requiring applications to rid themselves of their seams and reliance on one or a handful of servers.

"Innovations like wearables, digital assistants, and the Internet of Things are making computing more and more transparent in our lives, and for technology to remain accessible, we need to ensure data remains seamless as it serves us information," says Wozniak.

Wozniak steps into the role of chief scientist at Primary Data, after serving Fusion-io in a similar capacity. Wozniak worked alongside David Flynn, CEO, and Rick White, chief marketing officer, at the flash memory developer before the firm was acquired by SanDisk in July.

"Working to develop disruptive technology is always exciting, but it's even more exciting when you can team up with a talented group of friends to achieve those goals together," said White, Primary Data co-founder and chief marketing officer. "With Woz on the team along with Lance and David, we now have the band back together, and I'm amped to be reunited at Primary Data."

Wozniak pushed several breakthroughs in deploying flash in enterprise environment and now Primary Data is hoping the expertise will help move its virtualization platform into the information technology infrastructure under big business.

"Woz has a unique way of seeing the world through the eyes of both an engineer and a visionary, and his energy, curiosity, and excitement about technology is inspiring," says Smith.

While Wozniak is working to build software that adapts to the needs of emerging technologies, the Apple co-founder isn't particularly thrilled about some of the devices that are gaining steam. Smart watches in particular have failed to live up to his expectations.

In a recent interview with reporters at an event in Texas, Wozniak shared his thoughts on everything from smart watches to electric vehicles. He said he found smart watches to be a bit of a hindrance, but he'll be open minded when the Apple Watch finally arrives.

"In appearance and functionality, [the Apple Watch is] kind of different, so I will give it a try when it comes out," says Wozniak. "I won't prejudge it." 

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