LEGO's new goal seems to be that of creating a whole new generation of NASA researchers and astronauts through its latest NASA-inspired set — a 1-meter tall Apollo 11 Saturn V Rocket that will surely make any kid scientist's jaw drop.

LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V

Coming from the creative minds of LEGO Ideas members Felix Stiessen (saabfan) and Valérie Roche (Whatsuptoday), LEGO's new box set features a detailed miniature of the very first rocket to put people to the moon.

The LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V set is one that's really made to be played with, as it allows for the recreation of the three stages of the Apollo mission. In its initial proposal, the features include 1,179 LEGO bricks, removable 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rocket stages, the rescue rocket on top of the spacecraft, and two minifigure astronauts.

The set includes three stands should you want to display the rocket horizontally, and a booklet about the manned Apollo mission as well as the designers of the set.

Fully completed, its dimensions run at an approximately 1:110 scale at 1-meter high, and makes LEGO Ideas history as the tallest set, as well as the set with the most elements. It will be available in stores by June 1, 2017 at a recommended retail price of $119.99.

NASA-Inspired LEGO Sets

The LEGO NASA Saturn V is hot on the heels of another fan-designed set, the Women of NASA collection, which celebrates the women whose work in NASA has been instrumental in U.S. space programs.

Some of the women featured in the LEGO set include Margaret Hamilton, Katherine Johnson, Sally Ride, Nancy Grace Roman, and Mae Jemison, some whose lives were immortalized in the Academy nominated film, Hidden Figures.

The idea for the Women of NASA LEGO set came from the creative mind of Maia Weinstock, a science writer and editor, hoping to set an example for young girls that they can be scientists, engineers, and mathematicians, and for young boys to learn early on that those professions are for everyone, and not just for men.

The Women of NASA LEGO set is expected to hit the shelves late this year or early in 2018.

Perhaps LEGO is inspiring a new generation of children who would one day grow up to be the new men and women of NASA.

LEGO Ideas

LEGO Ideas is a platform created by LEGO, where fans of the toy can submit their LEGO ideas to the company, support other entries, and possibly have their design sold by LEGO all over the world.

Both of LEGO's NASA-inspired sets were created by fans, submitted to LEGO Ideas, and garnered over 10,000 votes that qualified them for company review.

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