Leaked iPhone 8 Manufacturing Mold Reveals Vertically Aligned Dual Camera At The Back


The leaks and rumors pertaining to the upcoming iPhone 8 or iPhone X are gathering momentum. The design schematics of the supposed iPhone 8, as well as leaked mold images of the smartphone have leaked online.

While recent leaks pointed to the presence of Qi-based wireless charging and the absence of the Touch ID sensor at the back, the latest leak offers a peek into the device's camera placement.

iPhone 8 Schematics Leak Yet Again

The new leak is courtesy tipster Benjamin Geskin, who previously uploaded images that supposedly belonged to the iPhone 8's prototype.

This time, Geskin took to Twitter to share leaked images of what is believed to be the rear mold of the upcoming iPhone 8, along with its design schematics.

iPhone 8 Leak: What The Images Reveal

The very first thing that catches the eye of someone looking at the rear mold is the space on the upper left corner, which seems to have been assigned for a vertically aligned dual-camera at the back. This is in line with previous leaks that have hinted that such a camera setup may be in the offing for the next-gen iPhone.

The alleged iPhone 8 schematics also reveal some interesting information about the Apple handset. The leaked document shows three different views of the upcoming smartphone. This includes the rear view of the device, the side view showing the SIM card slot, and finally the bottom face of the impending handset. The third view shows off the presence of a Lightning connector.

However, the schematic diagram does not show any space assigned for the Touch ID sensor on the rear of the device. This reaffirms older iPhone 8 rumors that the Touch ID sensor would be embedded in the handset's display.

The mold is believed to belong to the front panel of Apple's flagship. This shows the presence of some holes, which could correspond to the front camera, as well as proximity and light sensors. There is no visible ear speaker place assigned to the mold in question.

"Interestingly, there is no ear speaker cutout, meaning Apple is attempting an under-display solution or the mold is meant to carry an intermediate part positioned between the logic board and cover glass," Apple Insider posits.

Although, the leaked mold and schematics offer some insight into the design of the iPhone 8, the veracity of these leaked images cannot be ascertained. Even if the leaked images are authentic, these molds and diagrams may be initial designs from the company and the final product could potentially be different.

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