New iPhone 8 Leaked Schematic Shows Qi-Based Wireless Charging


A leaked iPhone 8 schematic is the latest to surface on Weibo, this one a more detailed version than the previous leak, it appears. It even includes label annotations for different internal components, as you can see.

On the back is what appears to be the dual camera setup, but once again, there's no Touch ID anywhere. Rumors say that Apple will relocate its proprietary fingerprint tech on the front, integrating it into the OLED display instead.

Of utmost intrigue, however, is possibly the first in-depth look at the iPhone 8's alleged wireless charging tech.

The leaked image indicates the components used by the device for the feature will be based on Qi technology.

iPhone To Use Qi-Based Wireless Charging Tech

The wireless charging parts line up with what KGI has been reporting for a long time now, although the new schematic particularly calls out the components as "Qi," a wireless charging standard that relies on inductive pads to charge up devices.

It'd be no surprise if Apple opts for a Qi-based wireless charging system. Its Apple Watch already leverages a variant of Qi technology, but it's interesting to see how much space Apple has allocated to make room for wireless charging, if the schematic proves accurate, that is. In addition to the large coil, there's also a separate wireless charging module embedded on the lower left part of the device, and both take up a lot of space.

iPhone 8 Rumors

A wellspring of rumors has been ascribed to Apple's iPhone 8, and while none can be proven true until Apple itself hands out a confirmation, the most popular speculation seems to suggest that it'll be a radical shift in iPhone design.

To be clear, one element that might make it a "radical" design is wireless charging, a feature Apple has never put on any version of its iPhone devices.

There has been a wealth of claims suggesting the iPhone 8 is going to be the first phone to offer "true" wireless charging, as in the phone will somehow receive charge over the air, sans pads. Two things that make this notion unlikely are the current state of wireless technology and, of course, this newly leaked schematic, which clearly shows "Qi" components baked inside.

In addition to wireless charging, rumors state that the iPhone 8 will feature a curved OLED display, a 3D-sensing front camera, a beefed-up A11 system on a chip, and an all-glass design, among others.

iPhone 8 Release Date

Apple might unveil the iPhone 8 in the fall, if its unveiling pattern holds up. Even if this ends up being true, however, the iPhone 8 might not ship in Apple's typical September release window because of production delays. Rumors point to an October or November release date for the forthcoming flagship instead.

The iPhone 8 will mark Apple's tenth anniversary of the iPhone. It's poised to rival the Samsung Galaxy S8, and the LG G6, among others.

Apple is also expected to unveil new editions of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which rumors say will retain the same design, body, and form factor but will gain beefed-up internals a la iPhone SE. These iPhones might also get wireless charging features, according to Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI.

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