The climate march was held last Saturday, exactly on President Donald J. Trump's 100th day. People from all walks of life joined the massive protest in Washington, as well as the satellite marches across the country and the world. Though the march is a yearly event, perhaps this year's march was more meaningful as the fight against climate change has turned into a full-on battle.

As protesters marched on from Capitol to the White House, they used their wit to get the message across to everyone watching.

The Signs That Caught Our Attention

Saturday's march was to bring attention to climate change, but some people really just had a practical view of saving the earth. After all, tacos are important, too.

Others, however, took the march as a platform for educating people on the science of climate change.

Some even took a playful jab at the prospect of even questioning the science of climate change.

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Perhaps tired of fighting for scientific facts, some marchers just seemed confused at the idea of still having to march for what should be common knowledge, while others brought their furry pets along for company.

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Some marchers, however, took the chance to take a swipe at the people sitting in power.

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But at the end of the day, the march was done to get a point across, and to get people to care about the environment.

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Americans Are Pushing Back

The Trump administration has been very vocal about its uncertainties about the science of climate change. In fact, in the first 100 days of the administration alone, environmental policies have been overturned, the words "climate change" have been allegedly banned from usage, and serious budget cuts for science agencies have been made.

Right before the climate march itself, the EPA decided to update its webpage on climate change, leaving it almost completely blank — except for a link to the archived Obama-era web page and a message that states how the changes to be made are to reflect the EPA's new priorities under Scott Pruitt and President Trump.

Still, just like the impressive show of force in the march for science and the women's march, the overwhelming support and ferocity of the protesters at Saturday's climate march shows that Americans are actively pushing back where they see fit.

The climate march wasnt just a reminder of the protesters' wit, ferocity, and passion for their belief, it was also a poignant reminder of the things that people need to fight for.

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