BlackBerry unveiled its KEYone handset during the MWC in February. The KEYone has released in the UK, but is currently available only in a single store in London.

The smartphone is poised to release in the United States on May 31 and BlackBerry is looking to familiarize consumers with the device's functionalities prior to the device's arrival.

Like Samsung uploaded Galaxy S8 tutorial videos for owners a few days ago, BlackBerry has also come up with its own set of videos for its KEYone smartphone. The list of 11 videos has been uploaded on BlackBerry's official YouTube channel.

BlackBerry KEYone Tutorial Videos

Out of the 11 tutorial videos uploaded, 10 deal with familiarizing users on how to perform specific activities using the KEYone.

The first video in the series shows how the SIM card needs to be inserted into the smartphone. The device comes with a SIM card ejector that can be used to access the SIM tray, which is located on the phone' side.

The next video details the file transfer system of the KEYone — how to transfer data from an old Android smartphone to the BlackBerry device. For this, users will need to install an app named "BlackBerry Content Transfer" on their older device. This will let users transfer older data to the Google Drive account. The same account when accessed using the new KEYone handset would allow users to re-download the data on the new handset.

Another tutorial video for the KEYone elaborates the camera's quick launch feature. The owners of the smartphone can double press the power button to instantly access the camera. This feature can be toggled on and off from the settings menu.

The data transfer from an Apple phone to the BlackBerry device follows almost the same steps that are listed for the transfer from Android devices. The video details that iOS users will need to install a "Content Transfer" app from developers Media Mushrooms on their older handset to initiate the transfer.

Adding Multiple Google Accounts

One of the videos showcases how owners can add multiple Google accounts to the BlackBerry KEYone and easily switch from one to the other. The video following this one reveals that holding down the power button and the volume down button together will result in a screenshot, which then gets saved in the "Photos" section.

The KEYone being a BlackBerry handset comes with a QWERTY keypad and a touchscreen. One of the videos details how a user can set their own keyboard shortcuts for different functionalities of the device. Users can also set up or change their email accounts from the BlackBerry Hub

Another video elaborates on how owners can customize apps connected to the "Convenience Key," which lets users instantly access an app by clicking the key located on the device's side.

The last video explains how lowering the screen brightness can improve the battery life of the KEYone substantially. Users can also turn on the "Boost Mode," which enhances the smartphone's battery life.

Three Dots Beneath The Icons

Any app which has the three dots beneath it signifies that widgets can be assigned to the same. To access the widgets for that app, users will have to swipe up on the icon and then modify widgets according to their preference.

Take a look at some of the videos below.

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