Some Samsung Galaxy S8 owners are reporting issues with the speakers of the smartphone, adding to the string of problems that users of the device have experienced.

Samsung has not yet provided an official explanation regarding the issue, pushing users to try to find solutions on their own.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Speaker Cutting Off

According to a thread in the official Samsung Community forums, some users are experiencing problems with the audio output of the Galaxy S8. The sound coming from the speakers suddenly disappears while doing a variety of things, including watching videos or listening to music.

One user narrated that whenever an app is launched, the sound will play for a few seconds before disappearing. Restarting the app does not work to bring back the sound, the user was forced to restart the device to get the speakers working again.

Unfortunately, some users need to restart not just their apps, but their smartphone repeatedly to be able to get the speakers working again.

Several users said that the problem is not present when using headphones, leading to the speculation that the problem is due to a hardware issue. However, Samsung insists that the audio loss is because of a software issue.

How To Fix The Samsung Galaxy S8 Audio Issue

Customers who contact Samsung for assistance regarding the audio issue have been told to wipe the cache partition of the Galaxy S8, and even do a factory reset for the smartphone. The customer care agents of Samsung also suggested to enter the Galaxy S8's developer mode and activate the "Prevent USB Audio Routing" option.

Unfortunately, users who tried these suggestions were not able to fix the problem. While a factory reset brings back the audio output, the sound from the speaker will again be cut off after a short while. Users who would like to still try this method can do so by going into Settings, selecting General Management, and then Reset. Users should then select the Factory Data Reset option.

Some users reported that they were able to replicate the audio issue by shaking their Galaxy S8 vigorously, which implies that the problem is not due to software as Samsung claims. Users believe that the problem is hardware-related, possibly loose contact inside the smartphone.

One suggested solution is to press the back cover of the Galaxy S8, specifically about an inch or two above the smartphone's speakers until the audio returns. This method has worked for numerous users, suggesting that a hardware issue is indeed what is behind the problem. Users should be careful when doing this though, as too much pressure may cause more damage to the device.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Problems

The dropping sound of the Galaxy S8 comes after Samsung started rolling out a fix to the reported red tint on the display of the smartphone.

Users have also reported that some Galaxy S8 units have been restarting randomly, with the problem seemingly related to the microSD cards of the smartphone.

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