The Super Smash Bros. franchise has long been considered a great game to play with friends and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is no different.

The new game has been getting great reviews since it was released Friday, Nov. 21, with reviewers having a hard time coming up with negative things to say about the game.

"Although it's got a simple formula, you'll have a tough time getting bored of "Super Smash" Wii U," said game reviewer Vincent Balestriere. "It's hectic, party-starting and accessible in a way few other franchises have been able to pull off. If you own a Wii U, don't pass this up. If you don't own one ... this makes a strong case for a purchase."

The first Super Smash Bros. game was released around 15 years ago for the Nintendo 64 crowd, selling a million copies in Japan and then being released worldwide.

The game essentially revolves around battling other characters to bring their health down and "smash" them off a stage. The lower the character's health, represented by a percentage which gets higher as the character gets weaker, the easier it becomes to knock them off the stage.

The new game for Wii U is very similar to previous Super Smash Bros. games, and includes a number of classic video game characters, including icons like Mario, Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, as well as lesser-known and more interesting characters such as the Wii Fit trainer.

An interesting point to make is that it's now in high definition, making it more beautiful and vivid. While the graphics of Super Smash Bros. aren't really the selling point of the game or the point of the game at all, it is a nice touch.

The game also includes a new mode called "Smash Tour," which combines the classic Super Smash Bros. experience with a board game. It's reminiscent of Mario Party and involves players moving along a board, collecting items and fighters in preparation for a final battle. While it's not the reason for someone to go out and buy the game, reviewers suggest it is fun.

The customizability in the games is also better than any previous Super Smash Bros. game.

"Players can customize fighters for the first time, either choosing a current character on the roster or using their own Mii avatar," said Brett Molina in a review. "Players pick a fighting style, series of special moves, equipment to bolster attack strength, speed and defense, then venture out into battle. The same setup works for standard characters, so if you want a speedy Donkey Kong or a very tough Luigi, players can make it happen."

The game is sure to appeal to both Super Smash Bros. fans and those just discovering the game. It retains its classic gameplay style, while adding a number of great new features. 

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