A Samsung Galaxy S8 running Windows 10 Mobile has started making rounds online.

If these images are accurate, then it means that Windows Phones are not dying just yet, despite the circumstances — Upgrade Advisor app now defunct and Creators Update limited availability to 13 handsets, with Microsoft giving 40 percent of the devices in the wild the cold shoulder. That's a big "if," though.

Galaxy S8 Seen Together With Windows 10 Mobile

A set of allegedly leaked pictures shows that there's a Galaxy S8 powered by Windows 10 Mobile somewhere in the world.

To be exact, three images turned up:

As everyone can see, the first one features the home screen filled with tiles, from Instagram, Telegram, and Viber to Facebook Messenger, the Xbox app, and VLC.

The Settings menu can be seen in the second shot, and consists of all the usual options, including but not limited to Personalization, Time & Language, and Ease of Access.

Last but not least, the third one gives a good look of the Windows Store and the app Truecaller.

Windows 10 Mobile-Powered Galaxy S8 Legit?

It's hard to say these photos are legit. Across all of them, the screen appears to be cut off by the edges. Particularly speaking, the Instagram, Viber, and other tiles in the first image; the options' icons in the Settings menu; and the "Picks for you" bit in the Windows Store.

That's not all of them either, but at any rate, the crème de la crème of that makes it hard to believe in the pictures is the poor quality, not to mention it's a breeze to just get screenshots of Windows 10 Mobile and have them load up on an Android phone, which is a Galaxy S8 in this case.

In the images' defense, the three virtual keys at the bottom — back, Windows home, and search — are Windows 10 Mobile through and through, but anyone can still slap them on any device using photo-editing tools without breaking a sweat.

Galaxy S8 Windows 10 Mobile Edition Very Unlikely

From the look of things, all signs seem to point to a fake device, but optimists or Windows-phone hopefuls might still keep their fingers crossed. However, taking the news with a grain — or rather, a generous heaping — of salt is recommended.

Long story short, Windows phones aren't making a comeback with the Galaxy S8 among the front lines.

It's also worth mentioning that Microsoft collaborated with Samsung to release a Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition, which runs on Android, not Windows 10 Mobile, and it comes preloaded with the voice assistant Cortana, OneDrive, Groove, MSN News, and, of course, the Office suite. Still, that more or less shows that Microsoft is not giving up on phones yet.

What do you think of a Galaxy S8 with a Windows 10 Mobile OS? Feel free to hit us up in the comments section below and let us know.

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