When did ugly Christmas sweaters become a thing?

It's been a few years now, at least. Almost everyone has that one aunt that sends them a hand-knit Christmas sweater every year that only gets worn when said aunt comes to visit. Many offices regularly hold contests to see who can find and wear the ugliest Christmas sweater, an annual practice that sends many an adult to the Goodwill or Salvation Army store, looking for castoff Christmas sweaters. They make great gag gifts, too.

But for the gamer there's a new alternative that's not only unstylish, it signifies your video game cred too.

Meet the Street Fighter Christmas Jumper from Yellow Bulldog. This baby's not a screen-printed sweatshirt. This is a real-deal, fully knitted sweater. And it's licensed by Capcom as an official Street Fighter product.

Close-up images of the sweater reveal the two iconic fighters squaring off, the requisite Christmas trees every ugly sweater needs, unattractive patterns and copious amounts of snow. If you look closely, you'll see that the "HO HO HO" across the chest actually says "KO KO KO" instead. That's a nod to Street Fighter's signature phrase — "Knockout!"

Yellow Bulldog is a British retailer, but they will ship to the U.S., Canada, and all of Europe. The sweater sells for £34.99, which equates to about $55 U.S. plus shipping at the time of this writing.

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