LinkedIn helps professionals all over the world in the job hunting, finding the jobs that might best suit their qualifications. Now, the website has released a list of 50 companies people most want to work for, and as expected, there are a few of the usual suspects on there.

Let's take a look at the first 10 in LinkedIn's Top Companies of 2017.

No Real Surprise

The companies to take the top three spots shouldn't be any real surprise. At the lead is Alphabet, the parent company of Google, which has more than 70,000 employees spread all over the world. Alphabet, which has numerous projects in multiple industries, started the year strong, reporting a 22 percent revenue increase for Q1 2017.

The ever-expanding Amazon takes the No. 2 spot. It is incredible to see what the company has grown to become - and continues to become - from its humble beginnings as an online sales service. It is now one of the biggest web and AI companies, and is Netflix's primary competitor in the world of original, streaming video content. The company has almost 350,000 employees all over the world, with perks similar to Alphabet.

Facebook ranks third on LinkedIn's list of top companies. As the social media company keeps on growing, acquiring other companies like Instagram and Oculus, it continues to provide a variety of jobs available in a fairly open environment. Being the powerful company that it is, it has also become a very appealing place to work for, especially for younger people looking for jobs in the tech field.

Young Entries

The list also includes companies that have only started to flourish in the last few years. The two examples in LinkedIn's top companies list were Uber and Tesla. Granted, both companies have had their fair share of controversies recently, but these weren't enough to keep them off the list.

Uber's growth explosion over the last few years is, in part, due to the flexibility this job offers for most people. Rather than working set hours like one would at a cab company for instance, Uber drivers are able to make their own hours, with consistency of work based on the area they drive in and the need for drivers. This sort of control on your job and work hours is very appealing to people today.

Tesla has also revved up its business over the last few years, quickly emerging as a prominent car manufacturer with its series of electric cars. And the company isn't just about cars anymore, as it has made waves in the development of clean energy solutions, like its much-anticipated solar roof. Given Tesla's growth and higher market value than companies like Ford and GM, it's no wonder today's professionals find it an attractive venture.

Other Top Companies Of 2017

The rest of the list is a who's who of companies. Apple is there of course, considering the following the company has for its devices and services. Media and cable provider Time Warner also made the list, in spite of the poor customer service score that the company consistently receives.

Disney and NBCUniversal were the two multimedia companies to make the list. Disney is no surprise, given the speed at which it has gone about acquiring companies and IPs like Star Wars and Marvel.

A bit of a surprise was Salesforce, a company known for its customer service software. The benefits offered to loyal employees seem to be the biggest driver behind it making the list. LinkedIn's list of the top companies of 2017 also includes real estate, consulting, and finance companies, showing where professionals can greatly develop and boost their career.

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