Project Scorpio, Xbox One Games FPS Parity Is Up To The Developers, Microsoft Confirms


Microsoft has confirmed that FPS parity for Project Scorpio and Xbox One games will be up to the developers.

To be clear, that means the company isn't requiring game makers to ensure the frame rate is equal between the two consoles in multiplayer mode.

Confirmed: Project Scorpio, Xbox One FPS Parity Not Required

The news comes from none other than the Xbox corporate vice president himself, Mike Ybarra, aka @XboxQwik.

The executive confirmed the tidbit while responding to a Twitter user who said that there's an FPS parity between Project Scorpio and Xbox One games in multiplayer, pointing out that "a 2013 console is holding a 2017 console back" if that's indeed the case.

In Ybarra's main tweet, he made it clear how much freedom the developers have on the platform.

The Issue: Project Scorpio Players' Multiplayer Advantage

For those who don't know, gamers have been voicing out about this topic because Project Scorpio players will have an unfair advantage over Xbox One players in multiplayer if there's no FPS parity.

As an example, Project Scorpio users will have the edge when playing against Xbox One users in games such as Call of Duty.

However, that presents another potential problem at hand where Project Scorpio players won't get to enjoy the full power of the console because it'll be limited by the Xbox One for the sake of equal frame rates.

For the record, Project Scorpio is going to be compatible with all Xbox One games, and if developers want to deliver a more graphical experience, they can do so via Scorpio editions of said games.

One title worth noting is Forza Motorsport 6 Apex, as it's already been confirmed to be capable of running at 60 FPS in 4K.


Long story short, Microsoft is not going to meddle with the developers' decisions when it comes to FPS, so anyone in their right mind shouldn't point the finger at the company if frame rate issues turn up between Project Scorpio and Xbox One in multiplayer.

That said, general manager of Microsoft Studios Publishing Shannon Loftis thinks that developers won't push out multiplayer games with conflicting FPS.

As a refresher, Microsoft is expected to finally showcase the "world's most powerful console" at E3 2017, releasing it into the wild sometime this holiday season.

With everything cleared up, what do you think about how things will turn out? Feel free to hit us up in the comments section below and let us know.

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