There's A Ghost Girl In 'Magikarp Jump': Would You Like To Meet Her?

Magikarp Jump, the latest mobile Pokémon game, may seem simple at first. However, it apparently contains a few secrets, one of which is a Ghost Girl.

Summoning the Ghost Girl in Magikarp Jump takes a few steps. For players who would like to meet her, here is what you need to do, and what you can expect to receive afterward.

The Ghost Girl In 'Magikarp Jump'

There are a total of 34 random encounter events in Magikarp Jump, and summoning the Ghost Girl takes up the event 30 slot titled "Be Gone!". Players, however, should know beforehand that they can only call the Ghost Girl once, the importance of which will become apparent later.

The first step to call the Ghost Girl is to tap on the TV located beside the player's Magikarp pond, and then choose the Cancel option. Players will need to do this several times until the TV appears broken, with static lines on the screen that evoke memories of The Ring's Sadako. Once the TV appears as such, players will need to keep tapping on it until it completely shuts down.

After the TV turns off, players will need to train their Magikarp. There is no specific activity that the Magikarp should do, just as long as it enters into a training session.

Once the session is done, the player's Magikarp will find something, triggering event 30. The background music of the game will stop, and the Ghost Girl will appear.

The Ghost Girl will call the player and the Magikarp intruders, and will demand that they leave immediately. Two options will pop up, the first one to stay and the second one to leave. Choosing to stay will make the Ghost Girl once again ask players and their Magikarp to leave, while choosing to leave will end the event.

The Reward For Meeting The Ghost Girl

Meeting the Ghost Girl will not only accomplish event 30 for players, but it will also give a reward. The Magikarp that the player brought along will see its maximum level increase by one, allowing players to further increase the Jump Power, or JP, of the Pokémon.

As mentioned, the event can only be triggered once. This means that players should hold back on meeting the Ghost Girl until they really need it, such as when their maxed-out Magikarp just needs a slight push to beat a formidable opponent.

'Magikarp Jump' Tips And Other 'Pokémon' News

To help players become the Magikarp Jump champion, here are some tips and tricks, including how to improve the JP of Magikarp and the importance of support Pokémon. There is also a way to evolve Magikarp into the fearsome Gyarados, which is really the only reason to catch the otherwise useless Pokémon in the main games. Unfortunately, in Magikarp Jump, it is the Gyarados that is useless.

As mentioned earlier, Magikarp Jump is the latest mobile Pokémon game, but a new title named Pokéland is said to be entering alpha testing in Japan. The game, which will come to both iOS and Android devices, is simply described as a smartphone version of Pokémon Rumble.

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