Last week, Microsoft's newest internal build of Windows 10 got leaked to Windows Insiders, revealing the company's plan for the operating system on high-end PCs. A pair of intrepid Twitter users dug a little deeper and have found some new details about the update.

Windows 10 Pro Update

As mentioned, the new updates of Windows 10 Pro are being built and optimized for high-end PCs. But beyond personal computers, it's also being optimized for workplace and server setups that have large workloads and info-caches to handle. This information came thanks to Twitter users @AndItsTito and @GrandMofongo, each revealing new details about the Windows 10 update.

The first bit of details from this info-dig revealed that there will be three new versions of Windows 10 Pro prepped for release in the fall. The updates available will be Windows 10 Pro for Advanced PCs, Windows 10 Pro N for Advanced PCs, and Windows Server 2016 ServerRdsh. The N version is what Microsoft makes for European markets following antitrust rulings over Windows Media Player. Other than that, there isn't much difference between the two.

Windows 10 Pro New Features

The second half of the leak revealed the actual details of the updated operating system. As mentioned, this update is targeted at high-end PCs, with leaked slides providing more details. Its four new features will be a workstation mode, resilient file system storage, faster file sharing, and expanded hardware support. Notes were also included, providing some details as to each of the new features.

First, the workstation mode is being designed as an optimization tool. The idea will be when the mode is turned on, it will be able to identify more intense workloads that are open based on graphical and computing needs. From those, it will be able to manage and get the performance as close to peak under the conditions as possible.

Next is the resilient file system storage for file organization. This new system is being designed as the successor to the NTFS, which has served as Microsoft's standard file system for several years. The new file system will be able to handle large volumes of data, auto-correct and support fault tolerance.

Then there is faster file sharing. This is designed for file processing, access, and hosting across workstation setups. The notes state that workstation builds are usually designed to manage large volumes of data, and so Windows 10 Pro is going to be optimized for it. To accomplish this, low latency and CPU usage are promised in accessing said data.

And finally, there's the expanded hardware support. As of right now, Windows 10 Pro is only able to support PCs that use two CPUs, but that number is going to get bumped to four CPUs with the new Windows 10 Pro. With expanded CPU support, it will also be able to support a PC that uses or adds up to 6 TB of memory.

Since then, Microsoft has come out and said more features will be added to optimize the new Windows 10 Pro, but those won't be revealed for a bit. There is also no release date for this new update.

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