The Windows Insider Program can be a great way to test the latest features, but it can also lead to some issues. Microsoft has accidentally released a version of Windows 10 that may slow down your PC or brick your smartphone.

The Build

Windows 10 build 16212 is an internal build that was not meant to be sent to users. However, it was accidentally rolled out to some members of the Windows Insider program and has been causing some issues for those unfortunate enough to install the update.

Windows 10 PC

PC users got off relatively easy, as the build doesn't appear to be causing any major issues. Microsoft noted that the build may be less stable than other builds but that it didn't pose any significant risks to users. In its blog post, the company recommends simply waiting for a new update or rolling back to a previous build via the Recovery tool.

"Please be aware that this build was never intended to go out to Windows Insiders and may include issues that impact usability of your PC — more so than the normal builds we give you," says Microsoft's Dona Sarkar.

Windows Smartphones

Windows Mobile users, on the other hand, face a more pressing issue. If users attempt to install the update, it will simply refuse to install, and the phone will enter a reboot loop, forcing it to constantly restart.

If the update is already in the process of downloading, the problem can be avoided by simply disconnecting from the internet, which will stop the update process.

If the update has already been installed, the only way to stop the cycle of reboots is to reset the device using the Windows Device Recovery Tool. This process will remove all the files from your device, which is what makes this update such a problem.

Windows Insider

Build 16212 was meant for internal testing but was accidentally rolled out to some members of the Windows Insider program. Windows Insider provides users with the ability to preview upcoming builds of Windows before they go live. This allows more technically inclined users to play around with new features and help improve the Windows OS.

In light of this recent mishap, Microsoft has cautioned users not to install any Insider updates until they hear from the company.

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