Microsoft Trademarks 'S' Logo For Video Games And Consoles: Will It Be Used For The Xbox Project Scorpio?

Microsoft has filed a trademark for an "S" logo, triggering speculation that it will be used for its upcoming console codenamed the Xbox Project Scorpio.

The timing of the trademark filing hints that it is related to the Xbox Project Scorpio, as the console is set to be fully unveiled at E3 2017.

Microsoft's Mysterious 'S' Logo

The trademark filing, spotted by a NeoGAF user, is for a stylized letter S with a break in the middle. The complete filing, found on the European Union Intellectual Property Office website, reveals that the logo is related to video game consoles, accessories, and computer game software.

While the relatively simple logo does not give away any connection to the Xbox Project Scorpio, the timing of the trademark filing hints that it is connected to the upcoming console.

Microsoft is about to unveil all the still-unknown details of the Xbox Project Scorpio, including its name, release date, and price, at E3 2017, which will kick off on June 13. In comparison, the name of Microsoft's Surface Studio was leaked in a trademark filing spotted right before the company announced the all-in-one PC.

Microsoft also recently released a video that shows off the features of the Scorpio Development Kits, which were shipped out to developers last month in preparation for E3 2017. The development kits were built to collect feedback from partner developers so that Microsoft could meet their needs in making games for the Xbox Project Scorpio.

With so many things revolving around the Xbox Project Scorpio, it might be safe to assume that the mysterious logo will be used for the upcoming console. However, there are still other possibilities.

For one thing, a simple "S" will likely not be the real name of the Xbox Project Scorpio, as the Xbox One S already exists. The Xbox One S is a redesigned model of the original Xbox One that is slimmer and sleeker, with 4K and HDR output support. Perhaps the "S" logo is meant to be used with the Xbox One S, which will then be sold as the cheaper and less powerful version of the Xbox Project Scorpio.

Xbox Project Scorpio At E3 2017

Whether the "S" logo is used for the Xbox Project Scorpio or not, the important thing is that the upcoming console will play a huge role in Microsoft's fight against rival Sony in the cutthroat video game industry.

There has been a lot of hype surrounding the Xbox Project Scorpio, especially given its description as "the world's most powerful console." Some of its specifications were revealed in April by harsh Xbox critic Digital Foundry, showing a console that may have what it takes to beat the PlayStation 4.

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer said last month that there are no issues with the development and production of the Xbox Project Scorpio, as the console remained on track for this year's holiday season release.

The expected release window means that the console will be a huge focus of Microsoft's presence at E3 2017, so gamers should stay tuned for what will be revealed about the Xbox Project Scorpio.

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