Google has released the third preview for Andriod O and it has confirmed a few interesting things about the update, including the version number which will, unsurprisingly, be Android 8.0.

Expected Release Date

While Google has not yet given us a concrete date, it is expected that Android O will launch in August of this year. This tracks with the timeframe of Android Nougat's release, which was launched in August 2016, a few months ahead of the Google Pixel. It is expected, though unconfirmed, that the second version of the Pixel will be released in the months following Android 8.0. If we had to guess, we would assume that the release would be timed around the release of the Android 8.1.

Android O Features

Android O will be a fairly significant improvement over Nougat and will bring a host of new features to the popular OS. One of the most intriguing is picture-in-picture mode, which will allow a level of multitasking. This feature originally launched for Android TV with Nougat, but the upcoming update will bring it to the entire OS including smartphones and tablets.

Notification dots is another new feature that is coming to Android O. This feature will make it easier to track which apps notifications come from. In addition, Google is adding notifications levels so that users can set it in different tiers. Those tagged with a higher tier of importance will be more prominent than lower-tiered ones. Hopefully, this will make organizing apps easier.

The Third Android O Preview

Google has one more public preview slated to come out before the official launch of the software. It is expected to launch in July and will finalize the API so that developers can ensure their apps are ready for the latest version of Android.

Availability And Issues

 Android O is currently available through the Android Beta program for the following platforms: Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel C, Nexus 5X, and Nexus 6P.

Google has warned that the beta is not as stable as release versions of the software and can cause issues such as slowdowns, weaker battery life, and app compatibility issues. As a general warning, the company has said that the current version of Android O is meant for developer and testing purposes.

Beta programs such as this one are useful for developers and testers, but general users are probably better off sticking with Nougat for the time being.

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