Retro console manufacturer AtGames has unveiled the Sega Genesis Flashback, a new premium device that will be released in September.

The Sega Genesis Flashback is a significant improvement compared to AtGames's previous offerings, and is arguably a much better console compared to Nintendo's NES Classic Edition.

Sega Genesis Flashback Unveiled

The Sega Genesis Flashback features a design that is very similar to the original console, which was released by Sega in North America in 1989.

The retro console comes with 85 built-in games, including popular titles such as Mortal Kombat I to III, Phantasy Star I to IV, Shining Force I and II, and several Sonic the Hedgehog titles. The full list of games can be viewed through the information sheet that AtGames released for the upcoming device.

Sega Genesis Flashback vs. NES Classic Edition

The Sega Genesis Flashback also offers 720p HDMI output and scan line filtering to make the classic games look great on modern TVs. The retro console also comes with a feature that will allow players to save, pause, and rewind at any point while playing games.

One major advantage that the Sega Genesis Flashback has over the NES Classic Edition is the presence of a cartridge port that will allow gamers to play their old Sega Genesis cartridges on the device.

Another great thing about the Sega Genesis Flashback is that it comes with a pair of 2.4 GHz wireless controllers. The controller that came with the NES Classic Edition drew a lot of criticism because its wire was too short, forcing gamers to sit too close to the console or to purchase a third-party wireless controller. The problem will not be present in the Sega Genesis Flashback with its wireless controllers.

For players who prefer to use the original wired controllers of the Sega Genesis, the new device also comes with ports that support the optional gamepads.

There are several missing details regarding the upcoming device though, so the final verdict on whether it is much better than the NES Classic Edition is still up in the air. There is no specific release date yet for the Sega Genesis Flashback, and the quality of the emulation of the classic games will not be known until the device is released. Lastly, the price of the Sega Genesis Flashback is still unknown.

Retro Gaming Still Popular

The creation of the Sega Genesis Flashback and the massive success of the NES Classic Edition reveals that retro titles and consoles are still very popular among gamers, pushing companies such as AtGames and Nintendo to take advantage of the trend.

The Sega Genesis, named the Sega Mega Drive in territories outside of the United States, went back in production in Brazil late 2016 due to its still massive popularity in the South American country. Sega officially licensed the new Sega Mega Drive units, which look exactly like the original consoles but come with an SD card slot and A/V cable ports.

The NES Classic Edition, meanwhile, sold 2.3 million units from when it was released in November 2016 until it was suddenly discontinued in April. Nintendo explained that the retro console was supposed to be only a product for the 2016 holiday season, but the company extended its production run as demand for the NES Classic Edition extremely exceeded expectations.

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