Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Says PlayStation Pro Is Competing With Xbox One S, Not The Xbox One X

During an interview with Eurogamer, Microsoft's Phil Spencer said that he does not think the PlayStation 4 Pro can compete with the Xbox One X.

Microsoft Mocks PlayStation

Spencer's argument rests on the fact that the Xbox One X is more powerful than the PlayStation 4 Pro.

"I look at Pro as more of a competitor to S than I do to Xbox One X," said Spencer. "This is a true 4K console. If you just look at the specs of what this box is, it's in a different league than any other console that's out there."

Power Isn't Everything

In terms of raw power, Spencer is correct. The Xbox One X is more powerful than the PlayStation 4 Pro and is capable of true 4K gaming, but power isn't everything as Sony itself learned when it launched the PlayStation 3. Despite having the more powerful console — and arrogantly declaring that the "next generation" didn't start until Sony said so — the total sales of the PlayStation 3 ended up below that of the much less powerful Wii though the PlayStation 3 did surpass the Xbox 360.

Xbox One X Price

Despite Sony selling more units than Microsoft, PlayStation 3 sales didn't pick up until the price was lowered, as $499 was seen as too high of a price for a console. The Xbox One X will also launch for $499, but it remains to be seen if gamers are willing to pay that price especially considering the fact that 4K TVs aren't in every home.

People in search for the best-looking games may be drawn to the Xbox One X, but, on that front, Microsoft may be competing with itself. No matter how powerful the Xbox One X is, a dedicated gaming PC will still be more powerful. Granted, a gaming PC will usually cost a bit more, but the Xbox One X isn't positioning itself as a budget-priced machine. The Xbox One x is caught in this awkward space between the price point of a traditional console and a gaming PC. It remains to be seen how many customers occupy that middle ground.

Xbox One X Games

The biggest hurdle facing Microsoft's new console — aside from the price — is the lack of exclusive software. All of the games on the Xbox One X can be played on the PlayStation 4 Pro or within Microsoft's own ecosystem which includes the cheaper Xbox One S and the PC. While it does appear that the Xbox One X will offer the best experience on consoles for multiplatform titles, gamers may not be willing to give up Sony's library of exclusive content in exchange for a graphical upgrade.

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