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Microsoft's E3 Sale Shaves $100 Off The Xbox One X, Offers Big Discounts On Games

With Microsoft's E3 sale, the Xbox One X is $100 cheaper. The deals also extend to the Xbox One S and a slew of games, such as 'Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice' and 'Mortal Kombat 11.'

Video Games June 9, 2019

All-Digital Xbox One Without A Blu-Ray Drive Reportedly Launching This May

Microsoft is poised to launch an all-digital Xbox One as early as May, ditching the optical drive in favor of digital downloads. A 'Fortnite'-themed console is in the works, too.

Video Games March 6, 2019

Successor To Xbox One X Reportedly Codenamed Anaconda: What We Know So Far

Microsoft’s upcoming successor to the Xbox One X now has a rumored codename: Anaconda. No word on release date and pricing yet, of course, but it’s posited to be more powerful than Microsoft’s latest console.

Video Games December 17, 2018

Don’t Miss This Insane Xbox One X Black Friday Sale

For Black Friday, Microsoft is offering the Xbox One X at the cheapest price it’s ever been, plus big discounts on various games, including 'Forza Horizon 4,' 'Sea of Thieves,' and a lot more.

Video Games November 11, 2018

Xbox One Consoles Get Dolby Vision Support: Here’s Why It Matters

Those enrolled in Microsoft’s Xbox Insider program can now download the latest System Update for Xbox One. The company also promises that Dolby Vision support is coming in the next few weeks.

Video Games July 13, 2018

Microsoft E3 2018 Sale Unveiled With First-Ever Xbox One X Discount

Microsoft revealed the Biggest Xbox Sale of the Year, which will start on June 7. The sale will feature the first-ever Xbox One X discount and will look to capitalize on the announcements for the Xbox One at E3 2018.

Video Games June 5, 2018

Microsoft’s Accessibility Controller For Xbox Leaks Ahead Of E3

Microsoft is reportedly unveiling a new Xbox accessibility controller at its upcoming E3 controllers. As with everything these days, the peripheral just got leaked on the internet.

Microsoft May 15, 2018

Linksys Outs Router Every Xbox One Gamer Will Love

Linksys just released a high-performance wireless gaming router specially designed for Xbox One gamers. Linksys's WRT32XB router is designed to prioritize traffic from Xbox One gaming consoles, including the One S and One X.

Internet May 8, 2018

Far Cry 5 Xbox One vs. PlayStation: Performance, Resolution, And More Compared

The folks from Digital Foundry compared how 'Far Cry 5' performed on different consoles. The group compared several elements like resolution, graphics, and others.

Video Games April 2, 2018

The Witcher 3's PS4 Pro HDR Patch Still Happening, But Devs Need More Time To Squash Bugs

CD Projekt Red finally gave fans an update on the status of 'The Witcher 3' HDR patch on the PS4 Pro. However, it's not the update that fans want to hear.

Video Games March 30, 2018

Doom 4K Update Is Rolling Out To The Xbox One X, PS4 Pro

Bethesda announced the arrival of the 4K patch to 'Doom' on the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro. With the patch, the gaming experience is about to get more immersive and good-looking.

Video Games March 29, 2018

Microsoft Will Give You ‘Sea Of Thieves’ For Free If You Buy An Xbox One X

Microsoft has announced a pretty sweet deal. From March 18 through 24, every person who buys a brand-new Xbox One X will get ‘Sea of Thieves’ free of charge.

Video Games March 17, 2018

This Xbox One X Deal Gets You Two Games And Extra Controller For $500

Newegg has an Xbox One X deal for $500 that includes ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ and ‘Destiny 2.’ Hurry, though, because there are only limited units available.

Video Games March 5, 2018

Xbox Spring Update: Xbox One To Get 1440p Support, Controller Sharing Via Mixer, And More

Microsoft has detailed the Xbox Spring Update. There are a ton of features in store, but arguably the most notable ones are 1440p support for the Xbox One S and Xbox One X and controller sharing on Mixer.

Video Games March 1, 2018

Xbox One X, S To Get 1440p Gaming Resolution Support Soon

It appears both the Xbox One X and Xbox One S will get 1440p support soon. What’s more, a program manager just hinted that Xbox Insiders might finally be able to try it out.

Video Games February 20, 2018

Microsoft's Xbox One Deals Include The Xbox One S 'PUBG' Bundle And More

To promote its Xbox platform, Microsoft once again offered limited console bundles. The packages available will reportedly include a free copy of 'PUBG' and Xbox Game Pass trial memberships.

Video Games February 17, 2018

Here's Microsoft's Response To Backlash From Retailers After Xbox Game Pass Changes

Microsoft received feedback from retailers that were against its Xbox Game Pass changes. However, the company claims that it will push through with its decision.

Video Games February 6, 2018

Xbox One Guide: How To Pin Games, Apps To Your Home Screen

Take control of the Xbox One Home screen by creating pins for games and applications. Pins provide a way to reorganize and personalize the gaming console, and at the same time provide easy access to preferred contents and items.

Microsoft January 15, 2018

Xbox One Update Preview Reveals Next Achievements, Do Not Disturb, Mini Game Hubs, And More

Microsoft said the Xbox One is getting an update soon and beta testing of the feature jumps have already commenced. Testers of firmware update 1802.180105-1503 stand to experience a more exciting gameplay, courtesy of the cool new features.

Gadgets January 10, 2018

RIP Kinect: Microsoft Stops Production Of Kinect Adapters For Xbox One

Microsoft just double-killed the Kinect. In October, it officially stopped production of the peripheral, but now it’s also discontinuing the adapter that connects it to newer Xbox One consoles.

Video Games January 3, 2018

'The Witcher 3' Adds 4K Support For Xbox One X

'The Witcher 3' releases graphics update for Xbox One X version of the game. New updates allow the game to run at 60 fps.

Video Games December 24, 2017

You Get 'PUBG' For Free When You Buy Xbox One X, But Should You?

Microsoft announced a new promotion for the Xbox One X console. Buyers will reportedly receive a free copy of 'PUBG' together with the new game system.

Video Games December 17, 2017

Black Friday Deals On Xbox One X Bundles Not Happening This Year, Microsoft Says

If you're one of the many fans looking for Black Friday deals on Xbox One X bundles, then you're out of luck. Xbox Games Marketing chief Aaron Greenberg just said there isn't going to be any.

Video Games November 13, 2017

The Xbox One X Storage Is Nowhere Near Enough: Gamers Will Need An External Hard Drive

Gamers who already have the Xbox One X are quickly finding out its biggest flaw. On top of its $499.99 price tag, Xbox One X owners will likely have to spend about $100 for an external hard drive.

Video Games November 9, 2017

Microsoft Looks To Make More Of Its Own Xbox One Games: It's About Time

Microsoft is planning to increase its investments in making its own Xbox One games. More Xbox One exclusives is what the console needs to better challenge the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch.

Video Games November 8, 2017

Microsoft Finally Kills The Xbox Kinect, And We Won't Really Miss It

Microsoft has ended manufacturing of the Kinect, which means that the units held by retailers will never be restocked once they run out. Both critics and fans of the Xbox accessory, however, might not miss the device.

Video Games October 26, 2017

Watch: Xbox One X 'Feel True Power' TV Commercial (Of Course, Microsoft Wants You To Preorder Now)

Microsoft has released the World Premiere TV commercial for its upcoming 4K-ready console, the Xbox One X. The one minute video shows off a montage of clips from the likes of 'PUBG,' 'Assassin’s Creed Origins,' 'Minecraft,' 'Cuphead,' 'Forza Motorsport 7' and more.

Video Games October 23, 2017

Original Xbox Games Coming Via Backward Compatibility Leaked: ‘Crimson Skies,’ ‘Red Faction II,’ And More ‘Confirmed’

Users have discovered leaks pointing to the initial lineup of Xbox games arriving on Xbox One as part of its backward compatibility feature. The list includes some fan favorites but is missing a crucial title.

Video Games October 23, 2017

Major Xbox One Update Revamps The Dashboard: Here Are The Most Important Changes

The Xbox One Fall Update is now available for download, offering gamers with more personalization options for their dashboard. The Xbox One X will launch with these changes, and Microsoft also detailed options on transferring data to the upcoming console.

Video Games October 17, 2017

Microsoft Hides A Little Master Chief Riding A Scorpion Inside The Xbox One X, Because It Can

Microsoft engraved a little Master Chief riding a scorpion in the Xbox One X circuit board. Fans of the 'Halo' series, however, are hoping that they will soon see more of the iconic character, but not as an easter egg.

Video Games October 7, 2017

Will Microsoft’s Xbox One X Enhanced Program Actually Make Games Look And Play Better?

The Xbox One X is nearly arriving on shelves, but there’s still a bit of confusion about how certain games will run on the console. Thankfully, Microsoft has now explained exactly what the Xbox One X enhanced program is.

Video Games September 21, 2017

New Xbox One Tech Will Give You More Hard Drive Space And Make Downloads Faster

Microsoft is reportedly working on new Xbox One technology known internally as Intelligent Delivery. The system will open up hard drive space and make downloads faster by allowing users to download only the assets that they need for their games.

Video Games September 15, 2017

The Xbox One X Killed The Original Xbox One: Project Scorpio Edition Preorders Outpace All Other Xbox Models

Microsoft is no longer selling the original Xbox One on its online stores. The company has shifted its focus to the Xbox One X, which set a record pace for preorders of the Project Scorpio Edition.

Video Games August 26, 2017

Xbox One X Preorders Now Available: Hurry Up If You Want To Grab The Project Scorpio Edition

Microsoft has launched preorders for the Xbox One X, starting with the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition. Gamers who would like to purchase the limited day-one version should hurry up, as stocks are rapidly depleting.

Video Games August 21, 2017

Attention, ‘Minecraft’ Fans: This Limited Edition Xbox One S Will Make You Drool

'Minecraft' fans, prepare to be mesmerized: Microsoft has just announced a new limited edition Xbox One S complete with a 'Minecraft'-inspired design and a matching Creeper Xbox One controller. Supplies will be limited.

Video Games August 21, 2017

Microsoft Reveals List Of Games Enhanced For Xbox One X, But Don’t Get Excited Yet

As the Xbox One X nears launch, Microsoft is increasingly drumming up hype for its 6-teraflop console. As such, Major Nelson has now revealed the full list of games that will take advantage of the machine’s more powerful specs.

Video Games August 21, 2017

Xbox One X Limited Edition For Launch Leaks: Project Scorpio No Longer Just A Codename For The Console

Project Scorpio is apparently no longer just a codename for the Xbox One X. Leaks reveal that Microsoft is planning to release a special version of the console named the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition.

Video Games August 19, 2017

'Crackdown 3' Delayed To 2018: Microsoft Will Rely On 'Forza Motorsport 7' To Help Push Xbox One X Sales This Holiday Season

The release of the long-delayed 'Crackdown 3' has once again been pushed back. With the over-the-top action game to launch in spring 2018, Microsoft will rely only on 'Forza Motorsport 7' to help sell the Xbox One X.

Video Games August 17, 2017

Xbox One X ‘Won’t Sell So Well' Because It's Too Pricey, Says Analyst

Despite not being released yet, there’s already gloom and doom for Microsoft’s next gaming machine. Analyst Michael Pachter has now expressed his thoughts on the Xbox One X, saying it won’t sell well because it’s too expensive for most people.

Video Games August 9, 2017

Zombie Shooter 'Killing Floor 2' Will Only Run At 1800p On Xbox One X: Why Not At Native 4K?

Intense first-person zombie shooter 'Killing Floor 2' is finally coming to the Xbox One in August. However, the game will not run at native 4K on the upcoming Xbox One X.

Video Games July 30, 2017

Xbox One X Preorders To Start Very Soon: Do You Have $499 Ready?

There is no date yet for the launch of preorders for the Xbox One X, but that should come very soon. According to Xbox head Phil Spencer, the console has already received all the necessary approvals.

Video Games July 25, 2017

Xbox One X vs Original Xbox One, Xbox One S: Reasons To Upgrade, And Reasons Not To

The Xbox One X is the most powerful console that’ll ever be released, but is it worth $499 just to upgrade? Here are some reasons why you should make the jump, and why you shouldn’t.

Video Games July 10, 2017

Xbox One X Early Benchmarks Give A Glimpse Of The World's Most Powerful Console's Performance

Digital Foundry has now dove deep into the graphical capabilities of the forthcoming Xbox One X. The results confirm something unsurprising: running games at 4K is pretty difficult.

Video Games July 6, 2017

Sony Takes Down Official 'Anthem' Trailer For PlayStation 4 After Massive Criticism Over Edited Xbox One X Buttons

Sony was forced to take down the official PlayStation 4 gameplay trailer for BioWare's 'Anthem.' The video was an edited version of the gameplay trailer for the Xbox One X, with PlayStation buttons placed on top of Xbox buttons.

Video Games July 4, 2017

Here's Why Microsoft Is Confident Xbox One X Sales Won't Tank Even With A $500 Price Tag

The Xbox One X, retailing for $500, might be a tad bit too expensive for some. Yet Xbox Head Phil Spencer is confident it will sell, and he knows exactly who will buy it.

Video Games June 18, 2017

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