Amazon Prime Wardrobe Lets You Try Before You Buy, Pay Only For What You Keep [Video]

Amazon has an exciting new offer for Prime members, announcing Amazon Prime Wardrobe to help them shop for clothes.

With Amazon Prime Wardrobe, customers will be able to try on anything they want and return the items for free, paying only for what they choose to keep. Even better, the service will be included in the Prime membership so it won't cost any extra to take advantage of its perks.

The service is still in beta at this point, but interested customers can sign up to receive notifications for when Prime Wardrobe officially goes live.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe: How It Works

With Prime Wardrobe, Amazon Prime users will be able to pick three or more clothing, shoes, or accessory items and will get seven days to decide which of those items they want to keep. Once they make up their minds and decide to return some or all of the items, customers will just have to drop off the package at a UPS location, or schedule a free pickup.

Amazon is making things even sweeter with discounts. Customers who keep three or four items will get 10 percent off, while those who keep five items or more will get a 20 percent discount.

Choices will be plentiful, as customers will be able to browse through more than a million Amazon Fashion options from various brands including Adidas, Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Levi's, and more.

Amazon Shopping: Try Before You Buy

"Prime Wardrobe is a new service that brings the fitting room to you, so you can try the latest styles and find your perfect fit before you buy," says Amazon. "Using Prime Wardrobe — a benefit included in your Prime membership — you can order clothing, shoes, and accessories at no upfront charge, take seven days to decide what you love, and only pay for what you keep."

Available items include clothes, shoes, and accessories for men, women, girls, boys, and baby clothing.

Amazon could significantly boost sales on its website with this attractive try-before-you-buy option, as customers would likely be more comfortable ordering things knowing they can easily return them without paying for anything. The additional discounts for keeping items after trying them on makes the proposition even more enticing, which could further convince customers to buy more.

Shopping online has become a common thing and with options like this, it seems even easier and more convenient. Amazon Prime Wardrobe aims to eliminate the hassle of shopping and trying things on in physical retail stores, or shopping online only to spend more time afterward to get another box and a shipping label to send back the things that are not right. With Amazon Prime Wardrobe, the boxes are resealable and with a prepaid shipping label, which saves time and effort.

The company has yet to offer exact details for when Amazon Prime Wardrobe will be ready to exit beta and go live for all Prime customers, but it should offer more information soon enough. As always, we'll keep you up to date as soon as we learn more.

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