Snapchat has just gained pretty cool new features as part of a latest update that also highlights on-demand geofilters, announced late June.

Among the newest additions to the photo-messaging service are the ability to add links to one's snaps, Backdrops, and Voice Filters.

How To Use The Paperclip Feature On Snapchat

First up: adding links. Snapchat has a name for it — "Paperclips" — and it's arguably this update's most crucial new addition. With it, users will be able to tap a dedicated Paperclip button when creating snaps so they can attach links to their content. Users who stumble upon snaps attached with links can just easily swipe up to view them.

The Paperclip feature has always been integrated to snaps, but until this update only ad campaigns and Discover content could take advantage of it. This presents a wellspring of creative opportunities, especially for those who want to get a little more crafty with their snaps. With the Paperclip feature, for example, some users can setup snaps in a way that the main content becomes the teaser and the attached link becomes the payoff.

But of course, users would need to abide by Snap's community guidelines and privacy policy. The company will also use its automated trust and safety tools, in addition to Google's Safe Browsing Service, to warn users regarding phishing scams, malware, and other malicious sites. Snap is also encouraging users to report any inappropriate links they discover.

Snapchat Backdrops

Apart from Paperclips, users will also be able to take advantage of Backdrops, which lets them cut out objects in a snap and put patterns behind it to make it stick out. To do so, users need to tap the new icon inside the Scissors tool. Then they can trace around objects, select one backdrop design, and that's it.

Snapchat Voice Filters

Voice Filters, on the other hand, lets users alter their voice using a number of filters that change the pitch, sound, and cadence of their voice. Voice Filters were once only part of augmented reality lenses, but now they can be integrated directly even without using lenses. It's a neat little feature that may compete with the screen-licking dog AR lens as the most annoying thing you can see on social media. But hey, it does open op more storytelling opportunities.

But let's address the elephant in the room: how long do you think until Instagram decides to copy these new set of features too? As it stands, Instagram lets only verified users attach links to Stories, so Snap's new Paperclip feature might just be the go-signal it needs. We don't how long this copying game will last, but one thing is for sure: Snapchat might be hurting because of it.

You can find this update rolling out now to Snapchat for iOS and Android.

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