Sorry, PlayStation 4 Gamers: 'Cuphead' Isn't Heading To The PS4, Dev Confirms


Cuphead, out Sept. 29 on PC, Xbox, will not be coming to the PlayStation 4, the game's developers have now officially confirmed.

The run-and-gun indie platformer, which features nostalgic, 1940s-era graphics, has long been in development. Originally planned for a 2016 release, StudioMDHR pushed the title to mid-2017, then pushed it farther to a September launch. First unveiled in early 2014, the game floored E3 audiences in 2015 for its inventive aesthetics.

Cuphead Multiplatform Details

While a set release date is certainly good news, multiplatform support would be even better. Unfortunately, the developers have confirmed that Cuphead will only launch on PC and Xbox One systems, and not on the PS4.

Fans have previously been confused as to Cuphead will also see its way onto platforms beyond the Xbox One. A NeoGAF user asked the developers whether the title would be a "100 [percent] lifetime PC/Microsoft exclusive," having seen mixed information on that front.

That confusion is not without its basis, though, especially since Microsoft used varying phrases to categorize console exclusives during its E3 presentation this past June. Most third-party titles showcased at that time were described as "Xbox One console launch exclusive." But the company described Cuphead as "Xbox One console exclusive."

A NeoGAF user claiming to be the owner of the Cuphead IP responded to the question, confirming that the game will be a PC and Xbox exclusive "with Steam and Win10 versions at launch and a GOG release likely shortly after." Additionally, gamers may also see a Mac version down the road, and a Linux version as well.

Eurogamer confirmed with StudioMDHR if what the NeoGAF user said is true, and yes, it is. The user turned out to be Tyler Moldenhauer, the company's QA and digital painter. So if you were having questions about the game's multiplatform release, then now you know it's never coming to the PS4. If you want a 1940s-style platformer with charming, arresting visuals, then you better have a PC or an Xbox One.


Cuphead, a much-awaited platformer from StudioMDHR, features an entirely unique graphical aesthetic, using the best things about animation of the olden days. It features cel-shaded graphics and comes with nifty little touches — like a flickering framerate effect — that just sells the whole package.

Cuphead comes out Sept. 29. Thoughts about the game? Disappointed about the lack of a PS4 port? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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