Some Google Pixel owners are experiencing issues when trying to install the latest security update, but Google says it's looking into it.

At the beginning of each month, Google releases Android security patches to ensure that devices running on its platform are up to date and protected against the latest threats.

The company started issuing monthly Android security patches after a massive Stagefright malware infected millions of devices back in 2015. The monthly updates aim to ensure no exploits slip through the cracks, compromising the security of Android devices.

Google Pixel July Security Patch

The company started rolling out the latest July security updates to its Nexus and Pixel devices on Tuesday, July 6, but some owners of the 5-inch Google Pixel report having issues with the installation. The download goes smoothly for the 61.1 MB update, but users hit a wall with the installation.

More specifically, when trying to install the OTA update, some users get an error message saying "couldn't update" and "installation problem." Users don't get any additional details and their only option is a "try again" button, but it doesn't solve anything.

Affected Pixel users took to Google's Product Forums to report the issue and a Google employee named Paul says the company is looking into this. The Google representative gives no other details nor a timeframe for when Google might solve this issue, but it shouldn't take too long. Once it discovers the root cause, the company should patch it as soon as possible. Until then, Google says users should not worry as there are no exploits currently posing threats.

Not All Google Pixel Models Affected

Interestingly enough, Android Police points out that only Google Pixel models on T-Mobile, Rogers, and Project Fi with build number NKG47M are experiencing these issues when trying to install the July security patch. The international versions of the smartphone, as well as the Verizon models, reportedly encounter no issues with the update.

At the same time, the 70.1 MB updates for the larger Google Pixel XL work smoothly as well, with no reported errors or installation issues, which makes it even weirder that some models of the Google Pixel can't install the update.

Google should offer more details on the troublesome NKG47M build shortly, once it figures out what went wrong and why Pixel units running this version fail to update. In the meantime, some Pixel owners are left with the June security patch while others already run the latest July update.

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